Monday, 17 October 2016

Fabulous Night In with Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher and Mhairi McFarlane

It really happened!!!

I follow Lindsey Kelk on snapchat and I'm a huge fan of her writing! When she annonced that she will be on tour for We Were on a Break I got really excited, cause pub date was right around my holidays and then there it was, the first secret event on October 11 that then turned into the fab night in. Lindsey is one thing, but then Gi as well (love her books) and last but not least Mhairi too (I have her books, haven't read them though, shame on me I know), that's just the event to go to. So I booked!

Now, you can guess the location! Well it's the 17th floor of the News Building which wad very exciting and the view is just awesome! Can I work there please?!

When I got to the building, there was a huge queue outside. We all had to get our bags checked and got a little band. Then it was elevator time and I was pretty impressed when I got up there. The first thing I did was get wine, then I bought one book of each author (1 was free, the others only 5 pounds).

While standing in the queue outside I saw Kelly and Amy and afterwards also Derna. I went to sit with Kelly and Amy. We had pretty good seats in third row. It was great finally meeting the two of them and chatting. It took quite a while until the actual event started, cause there were so many people.

But then it started!!! Lindsey, Gi and Mhairi so close! Claire Frost from Harper Collins hosted the event. She of course introduced the three authors and then had some exciting questions for them. The first 30 min were also streamed on Facebook Live ( it's in the feed of my Facebook page). One of the questions was: who of your male characters would you snog, avoid and marry. The three authors were all so funny and wonderful to listen to. The talked about their books, their lives and many more things. We heard a little more about their next book (all a secret really, especially Lindsey's 😉). They were all three really open and honest about their writing organization  planning and the actual process. I loved listening to them all and I think the three of them had great chemistry. Of course I was especially excited to see and hear Lindsey life, but also Gi. She is such a lovely person and the fact that she comes from acting and music, makes me think I could do that as well. With Mhairi it was just lovely to get to know her and she made me even more curious about her books now.

After the panel part it was time to get our books signed. The queue for that was endless. I stood there with Kelly and Amy and then suddenly we realised that there were three different queues, one for each author. I stayed with Lindsey and the other two eventually went for Gi first, we were still able to stand next to each other though. While waiting we finally got to talk to lovely Derna, she is such a sweetie! It was actually quite fun, cause Derna, Kelly and I are all beta readers for Aven Ellis. Of course we had to take a little pic for our momma, thanks Amy 😉. Anyway it was so lovely meeting these three ladies.

Back to the fab author ladies though. After I don't know how long, I got to meet Lindsey!!!! She is SO awesome in person!!! We chatted about karaoke, snapchat and other things. She didn't have to ask for my name and she loves my snaps, thanks Lindsey, you're a sweetheart!!! I gave her a little present (she opened it back at the hotel and thanked me for it, so glad you liked it Lindsey). Of course she also signed her book for me and we took a picture.
Then I continued to queue for Gi, that didn't take so long. She is a real sweetie, so nice!! After a short chat, she signed the book and we took a photo.
And then I also queued for Mhairi, she is so lovely!!! Photo and signed book, yay!!!

After that I left happy and full of excitement. I got to meet three fabulous authors, I now own three more digned books and most of all I had a fun evening surrounded by books, wine, blogging friends and authors! Dream come true!

After the event I also found out that there were some other lovely people at the event and I didn't see them, such a shame. Isabelle Broom was there and blogger Jill Stratton and also Lucie Wheeler. I actually looked at her several times and thought that she looked familiar! On Twitter I then found out that she felt exactly the same 😂 next time.

A big thank you to the three authors, fabulous mag for hosting and of course Claire. Can't wait for the next event, hopefully with Paige Toon 😉.

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