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Trivial Pursuits - by Aven Ellis

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Landon Holder is exactly the kind of man Livy Adams should stay far away from.

The flashy, flirty star defenseman for the Chicago Buffaloes is known for hooking up with women all over Chicago. Livy finds herself attracted to Landy, but his sexy good looks and charm are irrelevant. She had her heart shattered by a cheating athlete in college, and Livy vows she will never let her judgment lapse like that ever again.

Yet Livy knows she can’t spend the rest of her life focusing on building her jewelry line during the day and her evenings playing TriviaPlayOrPass! on her phone, either. Even though she does have fabulous conversations with a player named Scott, it’s time to get back in the game—in real life. While Livy tries to figure out her career path in jewelry design, she knows it’s time to take a chance on romance again, too.

But in a strange twist of fate, Livy finds herself getting to know Landy on a much deeper level. Sometimes people aren’t always as they appear to be. Just like a diamond, you have to look closely to see true clarity.

As Livy unwraps the layers around Landy to see the man behind the image, will she have a change of heart? Can she leave her past behind for a future with Landy? Or is it all a game of trivial pursuits?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Finally!!!! Another Aven Ellis book is out! You guys know how much I love her stories, her writing style and her characters, especially the mail ones ;).

So anyway, we actually already know Livy and Landon. Remember Aven’s first book of the Chicago on Ice series?! Well, Livy is Aubrey’s best friend and Landon is Beckett’s best friend from the Buffaloes. The first time they met was, when Aubrey and Beckett had a big fight and Landon had to accompany Livy to her car…

Livy is a jewellery designer, she is very creative and passionate about art. One of her biggest hobbies?! Playing Trivial Pursuits with Scott.
Landon is a defenseman with the Buffaloes, he is very different from Beckett, way more outgoing and they also call him the selfie king!
Both characters have a great personalities and they work so well together, they have an amazing and intense chemistry. More on that later…

Well, Livy and Landon meet again at the school, where they both volunteer for. That’s also where they figure out that they have been playing each other on Trivial Pursuits. Landon then asks her to come for dinner at his place. This is something he never really did before. He is kind of famous for being the one who has a different woman ever night and never dates. Livy knows this and is scared, because she had her heart crushed by an athlete before. She decides to go for it though, because she likes the Landon she has met over Trivial Pursuits.

They click instantly, talk all night, have fun together and get very personal. We learn a lot about both their pasts and it makes Landon’s behaviour with women more clear. They start dating, but want to take it slowly. Every time they are not together, they miss they other person, which is very cute and adorable. Their feelings for each other intensify pretty quickly, but that was totally fine, because Aven wrote it in a very authentic and realistic way. The words they share with each other are just “awwwww”. It’s not as easy though. Let me introduce you to Kayla Paine, girlfriend of the Buffaloes goalie Ben and former ice girl. My god, that woman is a real b****. They way she talks to Livy and then they way she is with Landon. They are friends, but she wants something else from him. Landon doesn’t see this and Livy does. It doesn’t make it easier when you think about Livy’s past with guys. Kayla calls Landon all the time and they talk about everything. “Trouble”!!!! That song plays a big part in this book by the way.

Landon gets to know Livy’s family and they are just hilarious, especially her nana. I loved how fast he became one of them. The scenes including her family are so funny and entertaining. We also get introduce to Livy’s friends Collins and Taylor. Collins is a party planner and just broke up with her long term boyfriend, who was about to propose to her. Livy helps her with the parties and they party she is organising in this book is just ridiculously fab! It’s a puppy party, oh my god, you will not stop laughing about this!!!
Taylor works in Minneapolis, so we don’t really get to meet her, except when Livy has to go there work related.
We have also a new addition to the Chicago Buffaloes, Luca Ballerini, expect to hear more from him. Another character I really loved is Simona. Yeah that’s right, “me”, kind of anyway! She is a wife of another player and she is just fab!
Landon has a cat called Gigi, they way he is with her is so cute. And what I really loved: He called Livy and Gigi his girls, adorable! That actually reminds me: he had very sweet names for Livy and then they started making up funny names for each other, hilarious!

Every chapter starts with a fitting trivial pursuits questions, which I found really great and fitting. A creative and fun way to open a chapter.
Landon’s Instagram posts were another thing I adored in this book, you know why, when you see them.

I read this book as a beta reader, which was awesome. When I read it for the second time, I was actually just visiting Aven in Dallas and then went to Chicago. It was great to be at the location and see the setting. I went for dinner at the Fig & Olive restaurant in Oak Street, Livy and Landon had lunch with Luca there. I have to say the food was delicious and I can totally see the characters having lunch there. I also went to the Shedd Aquarium, where Landon and Livy had one of their dates.

Landon and Livy are so great for each other! I actually want Landon for myself please ;) They have a real connection from the start and that connection just grows stronger throughout the book. Aven included Livy’s feelings in a wonderful way, I felt so close to her. It’s about the person that makes THE difference in your life and the person you can be yourself with. This messages transports through the story and you can see what Livy and Landon have to go through, fighting for their love. Of course Kayla is the source of trouble. I really love how we get to read about Aubrey and Beckett again, I adored these two!!

I have to mention my favourite quote in this book, because it’s so beautiful: “Like missing pieces of a puzzle, we came together and fit. Like we were designed for each other.”
I’m so in love with it and it’s perfect for Landon and Livy.

The epilogue is absolutely adorable and I am just amazed how Aven’s able to make me speechless with every single of her books! I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite, because they are all so incredible and also: they are connected to each other. She created this whole new world with her characters, which I think is amazing. And let’s be honest, yes I like the hockey aspect of this book as well.

Aven has a way to include emotions in a book in a very easy, simple and yet very effective way. The storyline in this book is absolutely perfect and she has a way to write, that you just sit there and the writing totally absorbs you. It’s hard to leave a story like that. I’m totally still in that world and I don’t want to leave anytime soon. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I saw the scenes vividly playing in my head and that’s always a good sign. So, this truly another incredible, amazing and touching book by Aven Ellis. FABULOUS!!!


My possible cast:

Livy: Kristen Bell

Landon: Kevin Bieksa


About the Author

Aven Ellis has been writing fiction since she was sixteen. She studied communications at a large Midwestern university, and after graduation, Aven worked as a reporter for a community newspaper, followed by a stint at a public relations agency.
But writing about city council meetings and restaurant franchises was not as much fun as writing for young women trying to figure out their careers and potential boyfriends. So Aven got herself a job in television that allowed her to write at night. Connectivity is Aven’s debut novel; Waiting For Prince Harry and Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista (New Adult romantic comedy) will be published next year.
Aven lives in Dallas with her family. When she is not writing, Aven enjoys shopping, cooking, connecting with friends on social media, and watching any show that features Gordon Ramsay.

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