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Quotes – Trivial Pusuits by Aven Ellis

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Aven Ellis book means my little #AvenSpecial. I know this time it’s a bit late, since pub day was last week. You can read my review of the book HERE by the way, I absolutely ADORED it. Wel, anyway, here are my fave quotes out of the book:

„You know what is surprising about you? Underneath the beautiful blond, underneath your sweet exterior, exists a playful side.“ – Landon Holder

„To my surprise, his lips sweetly brush against my forehead. Electricity shoots through every inch of me the second I feel his soft, full lips on my skin in a gentle kiss.“ – Livy Adams

„Happiness crashes over me like a tidal wave, sweeping me up and carrying me along. I don’t try to resist it. More to the point, I don’t want to.“ – Livy Adams

„As I pull up to a red light, I brush my fingertips over the place on my forehead where his lips brushed against me. Oh, that kiss was so sweet, so gentle. Not what I expected from Landon. But utterly, magically perfect.“ – Livy Adams

„Suddenly Landon turns his head and sees me. And as soon as he does, his face lights up with a huge smile. The tension leaves my body, and the butterflies resume their dance in my stomach. That smile tells me everything I need to know right now.“ – Livy Adams

„Landon is happy to see me, just as I am to see him.“ – Livy Adams

“Love is seeing inside.“ – Message on Landon’s bracelet, made by Livy

„Landon’s lips brush against mine in a whisper-like graze. Fire burns through me from that innocent touch, the mere sensation of his warm mouth lingering against mine. His hands slide up to my face, gently holding it as he lightly parts my lips with his. My heart explodes inside my chest as he kisses me, his tongue exploring me in a slow, deliberate kiss. I’m feeling dizzy.“ – Livy Adams

„It’s romantic and sexy, and I don’t want to stop kissing him.“ – Livy Adams

„Emotion fills me. Landon is going somewhere new, somewhere serious, somewhere out of his comfort zone, because I need him to. And that tells me everything I need to know without asking him a single question.“ – Livy Adams

“But maybe I haven’t met anyone I wanted to date.” Landon lifts his eyes to mine. “Until now.” – Landon Holder

„You make me want to trust again.“ – Livy Adams

„His kiss tells me he’s not going to run. He’s going to give this a chance. He’s giving us a chance.“ – Livy Adams

„You make me want to go deeper,” he admits, his eyes never leaving mine. He pauses before continuing. “I . . . I’ve never wanted that before. Until now.” – Landon Holder

„That this kiss was something different than what we’ve ever shared with anyone else. That everything between us— attraction, chemistry, fondness, respect—came together in that moment. Like missing pieces of a puzzle, we came together and fit. Like we were designed for each other.“ – Livy Adams

„Love lazy Sundays with the girls #relationshipgoals“ – Landon Holder

„I like you. I like you so much it scares the fucking shit out of me. It’s only been you since that day at school. It’s been you that I can’t get out of my head. The way you taught the kids. How warm and gentle you were when talking to them. How you’re a trivia geek like I am. How you teased me. How talented you are, how you’re passionate in pursuing your dreams, how nice your family is. How beautiful you are. How your skin smells like vanilla and caramel, and the scent of you fills my head when you’re gone. “It’s you, ” he continues. “You’re the one I want to see.“ – Landon Holder

„Landon is funny and smart and sensitive to others. He cares about people. He’s vulnerable because of his past. More importantly, I trust him.“ – Livy Adams

„This is the place I’m meant to be. In the arms of this man, his body soon to join to mine, stirring feelings I never knew existed until this moment. And I know I’ll be forever changed after tonight. For the better.“ – Livy Adams

„He called me his sweetheart. Landon’s given me a nickname, which I know is a big deal for him.“ – Landon Holder

„I’ve gotten to know the real Landon. He’s a man who is vulnerable to feelings of the heart. He’s thoughtful and kind. He cares about people and wants to help them. He values the different things that make me who I am and celebrates them. Landon is passionate and giving and everything I could ever dream of having in a man.“ – Livy Adams

„I know it now. it's love.“ – Livy Adams

„I’m the first woman he’s letting in. Into his life. Into his home. And hopefully into his heart.“ – Livy Adams

„It’s cold, but my heart is warm. Love. Love makes everything beautiful.“ – ivy Adams

„He wants to be the different man in my life, just like I want to be the different woman in his.“ – Livy Adams

„I’m not the same guy I was then,” Landon says. “And that’s because of you.” – Landon Holder

„I love the man who has changed because of what we have together.“ – Livy Adams

„But DesignerA knew the real me that nobody else did. And when I found out you were her, it was a sign. I felt a certainty I had never, ever felt in my life.“ – Landon Holder

„This will be a year of firsts for you“ – Landon’s Fortune Cookie
„If he loves you, he will come after you.“ – Livy’s Fortune Cookie

„I only care about charming one woman.“ – Landon Holder

“We’re right together.” Like two puzzle pieces, I think happily. We need each other to be whole. – Livy Adams

„That his home was my home. And from the tender way he gazed at me when he said it, I know it’s true. It’s our home now.“ – Livy Adams

If she loves you, she will come after you.

„But with me, Landon has changed. He opened his heart. Landon let me inside, let me see the real Landon Holder, the man no woman ever got to know until I came into his life. Just like I let Landon into mine.“ – Livy Adams

„The only woman I’ve ever loved is right here in my arms. She is everything to me. My entire world. And I refuse to know a world without her in it. I love you @JewlerybyLivy.“ – Landon Holder

”If she loves you, she will come after you,” I say, my voice breaking. “And I’m coming after you, Landon. I love you. I love you more than I’ve loved anyone in my whole life. And I’ll be in your life forever if you’ll let me.” – Livy Adams

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” he repeats back to me. “You’re the only one I will ever love.” – Landon Holder

This is my life. This is my man. Landon is The One, - Livy Adams

I know I’m home. I’m in the arms of a man who loves me and who has pledged to love me forever. – Livy Adams

„The pieces are right. You’re my puzzle piece, Landon. Your heart is my missing piece.“ – Livy Adams

„I want you to know I love you, and I’ll always find my way to you, Landon.” – Livy Adams

“But I’ve already won. I have your heart, and that’s all I need.” I smile happily at him. “Likewise.” – Livy and Landon

„For me to even ask you over here meant you were different. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with you after that.” – Landon Holder

„You never know when you’ll find your missing puzzle piece. But when you do, there’s no doubt about it. It just fits. Forever.“ – Livy Adams 

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