Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Musical Review - School of Rock on Broadway

About the show:

School of Rock is a rock musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater and a book by Julian Fellowes. Based on the 2003 film of the same name, with a screenplay by Mike White, the musical made its Broadway debut and world premiere at the Winter Garden Theatre in 2015, at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York. The musical was announced in December 2014 and opened just under a year later on December 6, 2015. The Broadway production stars Alex Brightman as Dewey Finn and Sierra Boggess as Rosalie Mullins.

My opinion:

WOW, this show was AWESOME!!!

So, before I begin this musical review, I probably have to say that this show was my first ever Broadway show. Obviously I have seen some in Switzerland and on the West End, but not in New York, that’s why this was very exciting.

Everyone one who has seen the movie School of Rock with Jack Black will know the story. Dewey Finn wants to compete at the competition oft he Battle of the Bands and tob e able to, he would do anythig. Also pretend tob e someone else and be a substitute teacher.
He forms a band with the childern at school and teaches them about rock music. Of course it’s not easy, there are the other teachers, the parents and the principal...

This musical has everything!!! The music by Andrew Lloyd Webber is just incredible, obviously rock music, but I love it!!! These songs really rock and they really stick with you. I was singing them on the way back and had the tunes in my head the next few days. With the music comes the singing and I have to say all the actors did an amazing job. Alex Brkghtman is fab, he hast he perfect rock voice, but can also sing softer and quieter tunes. Sierra Boggess is just wonderful, her voice ist o die for and I think her emotions really came across, when she sang. Now tot he kids, WOW!!! They were all so awesome! Their voices were great and the most magnificent thing: they played their instuments live, I mean OMG, that is AMAZING!!!

The acting of the kids was spot on, they all had such a unique presence and charisma. Of course also Alex Brightman and Sierra Boggess did a great job. Alex was really funny, I think it’s the perfect role for him. I always wanted to see Sierra live on stage and I’m glad I did, she was super!

I adored all the school scenes, the band practises and the scenes with the kids. The musical has a lot of funny scenes, hilarious moments and the songs are really catchy.

So, all in all one could say that I absolutely LOVED this show!!! What I found really interesting was how the audience reacted to certain things, that would never happen in London. There the audience is more calm and yes they clap, but not in this cheery and excited way as here.

I would definitely recommend this show to all of you, musicals with children are always adorable and sweet and I am still amazed how many talented kids there are out there. 

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