Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Alba

Signed Books
I have always loved reading so at my parent's place I have a huge collection of books, all my children and teen books are there. Actually, there's a room at my parent's where there's a huge bookshelf (it covers one of the walls completely) and I'd say three quarters of all the books are mine. But when I started university, I moved to Barcelona so I had to leave all my book behind. From that moment, my life became a bit chaotic. I lived in Barcelona for a year, then Liverpool for six months, then Barcelona again for three years, then London for a year, then Barcelona again for two years and finally I've been living just outside Barcelona, in Tarragona for the last two years. All this with changing flats every time or more than once every time, so as you can imagine I couldn't take all my books with me.

For some years, especially after getting my kindle, I didn't buy many physical books because I never had enough space. When I moved here in Tarragona two years ago with my boyfriend, I started building my collection again. And since becoming a book blogger it has spiralled a bit out of control. The problem is we don't really have a big bookshelf in the flat so I have book scattered everywhere. Most of them are in the living room. But a lot of them are hidden in a cupboard, not because I'm ashamed of them but because I don't have anywhere else to put them! 

I actually follow no order in storing my books. I just leave them where they fit. But I do have my special bookshelf where I keep all my signed books. I love looking at them. 

And given that we are moving again in two months to Munich and I cannot take all the books with me, I have been trying (and failing) to get less books these past few months. But! The boyfriend has agreed to get me a huge bookshelf in the flat we get in Munich and I cannot wait to make my own reading space there.

There are so many amazing reading corners I've seen on the internet. Actually I need to get a pinterest board going to get ideas, but I will try to finally have a nice and cozy corner there. Now I usually read on my bed or in our couch, but mainly our bed. There's something about reading in bed that cannot be beaten. 

Thank you so much Simona for inviting me to this lovely feature. I love reading about other people's bookshelves! ;)

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