Saturday, 26 September 2015

8 Photos of Happiness

I found this wonderful tag on Jenny’s blog: Jenny in Neverland, ‘8 Photos of Happiness’. I think it’s a beautiful and inspirational idea with an emotional and personal touch. A simple way to describe what’s important in your life. Just 8 photos with a short description of why it was a happy moment. So simple but effective and sometime, photos really do speak a thousand words.


This tag was originally created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet and the intention is simple. Share 8 photos that represent a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy. Then tag others to share their own photos! Here we go!!!

This has definitely been one of the happiest and best moments this year! In July I finally met up with my bestie Maryline in Berlin. We spent four fabulous days in Berlin, with lots of talking and fun! Miss you honey!!!

I'm a huge Musical fan and when we went to London over New Years one of my biggest dreams came true. Aaron Tveit is a big Broadway star and I loved him in the Lis Miserables movie. In London we went to see Assassins and he played Booth, he was amazing! I met him afterwards in the bar of the theatre, that was awesome!!!! He's so nice!!!

This photo shows Naples Pier, I have a lot of connections to this picture. Mostly it reminds me of Florida, this wonderful US state, the state I've spend three amazing at last April. Summer, sunshine, beach, shopping and more!!! Naples Pier has beautiful sunsets and lots of dolphins, I adore these animals. Florida really is like a second home to me, can't wait to go back!!!

It's me with Rebecca Raisin!!! Last March I went to London for my first author's event. I had a fabulous time meeting Rebecca and Karen Aldous, two amazing authors, but also some of my wonderful blogging friends. The event was so great, I hope I can go to many more. That's not so easy, but I love London, so... ;)

This moment marked the beginning of the school year last summer. It was also the beginning of my journey as a teacher. I've had a great first year at the bilingual school teaching 5th and 6th grade. I love my job and I'm happy I made the decision to change from kindergarden level to primary school, cause now I can teach the 10-12 year olds!

This picture shows my friendship with Aven Ellis. I'm forever grateful that I've met this amazing author through her books. Her stories are fab, wonderful romcoms and very special men, let's say they're all my book boyfriends. I have found a beautiful friend in Aven, I can share everything with her and we have so much fun together! Love you second mum <3

NHL Hockey!!! In Florida last April I went to say the NHL Playoff game between Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings, it was my second NHL game after seeing one in Vancouver five years ago. it was fab, both of them!!! I'm a big ice hockey fan and we have a local team in Zug, so I go to see the matches there. I love watching this sport, the NHL is more exciting of course, I hope I can make it next year again. 
This picture was taken last year in Riga during the World Choir Games. It has several happy connection for me. First of all it shows my mum and me, she's my best friend, so I'm really happy to have her. And then the other part is the singing, I love being in that choir and music is a really important part of my life, I'd be really bored without it ;). 

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