Friday, 4 September 2015

Book of the Month - August

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The books I read this month:

-       The Cherry Tree Café – by Heidi Swain 5/5
-       A Kiss in the Dark – by Lisa Fox 4/5
-       I Knew You Were Trouble – by Paige Toon 5/5
-       Mile High – by Rebecca Chance 3/5
-       Picnics in Hyde Park – by Nikki Moore 5/5
-       It’s Got To Be Perfect – by Haley Hill 4/5
-       The A-Z of You and Me – by James Hannah 5/5
-       The Secret of Midwives – by Sally Hepworth 5/5
-       Appleby Farm – by Cathy Bramley 5/5
-       The Aubrey Rules – by Aven Ellis 5/5
-       Letting You Go – by Anouska Knight 4/5
-       The Great Village Show – by Alexandra Brown 5/5

August was a great reading month for me, not as good as July, but I’m happy. Here are my tow favourites:

Picnics in Hyde Park – Nikki Moore

The bit on the back:

The last story in the fun & flirty #LoveLondon series from exciting new chick lit author Nikki Moore! The perfect novel for reading in the sunshine… and falling in love with London.

A summer to remember…or forget?

When Zoe Harper returns to the UK after five long years in New York, the last thing she expects is to find her younger sister Melody jobless, homeless, broke and dumped. Unfortunately, life has a way of delivering the unexpected. She should know that, given her ex-fiancé Greg’s faithless behaviour.

Filled with rage and determined to get revenge on the infamous Reilly brothers for her sister’s heartbreak, as well as get some answers, Zoe hatches plan Nannygate. Unfortunately that means moving in with the gorgeous but uncaring music producer Matt Reilly to be nanny to his two adorable, complicated children. But something isn’t adding up, and over the course of the hot London summer, she starts to think that perhaps Matt isn’t so bad after all.

Let down by his last nanny and weighed down with guilt about his wife’s death three years before, wealthy but camera-shy Matt has spent a long time pushing people away, including his own kids. His stunning new nanny challenges him every single day in completely different ways, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing?

But what happens when you open your heart, and someone isn’t who you thought they were? And can it really be true love when it’s on the rebound, and starts off with a plan for revenge?

My opinion:

Nikki’s style of writing is really unique. She always finds a gripping way to engage the reader, the scenes flow beautifully and have an authentic and unique spark. London and the settings seemed vivid and I felt like being there with the characters and that’s what I love for in a story!!! FABULOUS, TERRIFIC and JUST AWESOME!!!!!

Nikki on Twitter: @NikkiMoore_Auth

The Aubrey Rules – Aven Ellis

The bit on the back:

Some of the Aubrey Rules to Live By:

*If I’m going to indulge in French fries, I must add extra time to the treadmill the next day.
*Always keep your work and private life separate.
*Being open to new experiences will never involve eating kale.
*Never, ever date a professional athlete.

For Chicago social media professional Aubrey Paige, the rules are everything. So much so that Aubrey has painstakingly written her rules for living into a polka-dot Kate Spade notebook that she carries with her at all times. It’s her personal guidebook to living her life. These rules are the Holy Grail—ones never to be broken. They guide her actions for everything, from dealing with workplace drama to finding a great guy to date. After all, these are her own rules, built from her life experiences and observations. So they have to be perfect, right?

Or are they?

Because when Aubrey meets a cute Canadian, she suddenly finds her rules being tested and challenged in ways she never dreamed possible. Beckett Riley is the shy, quiet, determined captain of the Chicago Buffaloes, a hockey team on the verge of turning the corner to becoming a winning organization. He’s Aubrey's opposite, with so many qualities that Aubrey had listed as ones she’d never want in a man.

Yet Aubrey finds herself drawn to Beckett in ways she’s never known. And when she unexpectedly finds herself working with Beckett, she wonders if rules are meant to be broken after all . . .

My opinion:

This is the story of a hilarious and passionate girl living by rules, but when meeting the right person she is learning to follow her heart! Two wonderful and relatable characters, who have an awesome chemistry. Aven’s writing has it all – romance, passion, humour, heart, love and so much more!!! She really know how to create a special setting and story!!!
Read my review here: The Aubrey Rules - Review

Aven on Twitter: @AvenEllis

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