Friday, 24 July 2015

Berlin with Maryline!

Monday, July 13th, was finally the day! I finally met my bestie Maryline in Berlin, we planned on meeting for a while and I'm so glad we finally made it.
I arrived in Berlin at 10.15 am and tried to figure out, where Mary would arrive. Funnily enough, it was exactly the same gate, so pretty easy. Berlin Tegel airport is funny, I've never seen a system like that. Right when I came out of the plane through the dock there was the baggage claim and then after the going through the exit I saw taxis right away. There will be more about this airport, now about my fabulous trip with Mary...

I waited outside of her gate and when she finally came out, it was like thr missing piece was just there. We took a taxi into the city and checked in at our hotel. Luckily, we were able to go into our rooms already and leave our suitcases.
Then we decided to go for lunch somewhere close by to discuss what we actually wanna see in Berlin. We ended up more talking and properly getting to know eachother ;). We still had kind of an idea what to do afterwards. The first stop was Check Point Charlie... We also went into the museum, but we didn't like it. No real order, too many people, too cramped and definitely not worth the money. After the museum we walked to the Potsdammer Platz, where the Sony Center is located. It's a covered square (with a tent like thing) between some skyscarpers with stores, restaurants, museum and a cinema. We had a drink there and just talked and talked. Our next stop was the Holocaust Memorial, where we tooj lots of pics ;). After that we walked to the Brandenburgertor, it's quite close from the monument. The weather wasn't that nice, so we didn't take pics yet and decided to go back there. Then we walked down the Unter den Linden street towards Alexanderplatz. It started raining heavily, so we decided to go towards the Gendarmenmarkt and we found a nice Italian restaurant there. The pizza was yummy. We spent a lot of time in there and were surprised that it was that late already. The rest of the evening we spent in the hotel room with some cookies and drinks, we planned the rest of the trip and just talked and had fun.

Panorama Punkt
Tuesday was the worst day weather wise, so we went to a museum first. It's called Topographie des Terrors, covering all the histirical events in Germany, especially the second world war and the story around the wall. It was really interesting, well structured and illustrated. Luckily, we went there right when it opened, cause afterwards it was cramped with schools. So apparently some German schools don't have holidays yet. It was still raining when we came out, so we went on to the closest shopping center, The Mall of Berlin. It's a huge mall with lots of stores. There we had a drink first, bought some postcards and looked at some shops. Then we had lunch in there as well, at a place called You Fresh. We both had a yummy wrap. It was such a cute place.

Sony Center
After lunch we looked at the rest of the mall and then went back to the Sony Center, where we had something to drink. The skyscraper just next to the Sony Center had a Panorama Punkt, where we were able to see the whole city from the rooftop. They also had a bar, so we had coffee and hot chocolate there and we wrote our postcards. For dinner we went back to the Sony Center and had yummy Australian burgers, they were really good! After dinner we went to the cinema there and watched The Age Of Adaline with Blake Lively. The movie was amazing, really emitional and touching, we both cried. Blake is a grat actress, I've only ever seen her in Gossip Girl and let's be honest, playing Serena is not that bg of a challenge. I was really surprised in a positive way.

On Wednesday the weather finally changed and the sun was shining. We went back to the Brandenburgertor to take some pictures and then on to the Reichstag (The Reichstag building is a historical edifice in BerlinGermany, constructed to house the Imperial Diet, of the German Empire.). We lanned to go in and see the Kuppel, but the queue was to long and it would have taken too long. So we went on and explored the other buildings there: Paul Löbe Haus, Kanzleramt, Swiss Embassy. Then it was time to leave that area and go to Charlottenburg. We walked all the way from the station to the castle, that was a bit too long ;). We had lunch first, before going to Schloss Charlottenburg and made an audio guide tour there. The tour was great, really informative and interesting, definitely worth it. In the new wing of the building they had two great ballrooms, so pretty. After that the tour wt in and on and we got really tired, my back was hurting, so we decided to go into that beautiful park and just take a break. After a drink we went back to the city center and had dinner outside at the Gendarmentmarkt. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, because we were exhausted. We spent time together in my room and just chatted, so much fun!!!

Schloss Charlottenburg
Berliner Dom
Thursday was already our last day. After breakfast and checking out we walked the Unter den Linden Strasse to direction Alexanderplatz. We saw some pretty buildings and just before the Berliner Dom, we saw a great boat tour advertised. We decided to to that and it was a great decision. Seeing the city from the river Spree is great and we had a great guide. Back at the Dom we looked for a place to eat and found a beautiful place right by the river with view of the Dom. We spent a lot of time there, before finally going towards the TV tower, the forth highest in the world. We bought tickets to go up and had to wait a bit, so we sat in the shade and talked some more, I could talk to this girl for days, love you Mary.
Then it was finally our turn to go up there, it's pretty high up, I have ro say, the view is
View on the TV Tower
great, but to be honest, we both prefered the other viewing point. It's a good idea to gonup there, once you explored the city, because you can see the places you actually visited. The Alexanderplatz, where the tower is located is nothing special, just cramped with people and surrounded by shops. We took the underground back to the Gendarmentmarkt, dor a last drink. Sadly after that it was time to go back to the hotel, get our suitcases and leave for the airport. At the airport we had a little dinner together before it was time to say goodbye. Every gate has it's own security, which meant we didn't have the possibility to spend anymore time after it. That confused us at first, because we are not used to that. The goodbye was sad and emotional, but we promised ourselves that we will do it again next year. Both our planes were late, which is kind of funny, because the were supposed to leave at the exact same time.

I had a fabulous and wonderful time with you Mary, full if fun, gossip, great talks and more. I miss you so much and I'm sure we will meet again, thanks for four fantastc days!!!

My Facebook Album: Berlin in Pictures - Simona
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  1. I have been waiting for this post!! And I'm so happy to read all the details of your visit with Mary in Berlin! You crammed in so much, and I want to Google these places you went. I'm so happy you both had such a great visit-the first of many for the rest of your lives!! xoxo