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Written in the Stars - by Ali Harris

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The blurb:

Bea Bishop is horrible at making decisions. Forget big life ones, even everyday choices seem to paralyse her. She's learned to live with this because experience has taught her that it doesn't matter what you do, no one has the power to control destiny. Anyone who believes they can is a fool.
But as her wedding day approaches, her years of indecision are weighing heavily on her, and she can't help but wonder, 'What if, what if, what if….'
What if she hadn't upped sticks and moved to London? What if she hadn't grabbed the first job that came along and settled down with the first guy who showed an interest? But all of her questions are silenced when she slips while walking down the aisle and is knocked unconscious. In this split second her life splits into two: in one existence, Bea flees back down the aisle and out of the church. In the other she glides blissfully towards her intended.
But which story will lead to her happily ever after?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Thank you Sarah for sending me a copy and thanks Ali for your lovely message inside the book.

Isn’t the cover of this book beautiful? And after reading this truly magical story, I think it fits perfectly.

I was taken into this beautiful and brilliantly written story immediately and I couldn’t put it down. It follows Bea Bishop who is about to marry the love of her life, but is she really going through with it?
After the beginning scenes we are taken into alternating universes the heroine goes through. One part of her leaves her husband to be at the altar, starting a new life and figuring out things about her job and her past. The other part goes through with the wedding and we g t to see a glimpse of her married life with Adam.
In both universes there is Kieran her ex who turns up at the wedding, making Bea think about the past...
And then there is the issue with her dad who left the family, Bea thinks she’s just like him. The parts with his diary made him more real and I loved reading these parts.
Bea finds herself facing though decisions and also thinking about what she really wants in life. This year without Adam by her side shows her a lot and Adam is also very true to himself and then he does something so sweet for her...

The characters in this book seemed so lively and perfectly described, it was a pleasure going on this journey with Bea. I also adored her mother Loni, I loved the two of them together. And then there was also her amazing best friend Milly, she brought so much spark and energy into this story, loved her.

The book conveys a significant message: What if… There are so many different possibilities in life and every single one of us has to figure out what’s good for them and what they need. Bea did this as well and only because of it she found what she really wants.

WRITTEN IN THE STARS is a beautiful, romantic, magical and amazing story, showing what is important in life. The scenes Ali created were so vivid, emotional and real, I felt like being there with the characters all the time. Another awesome novel by Ali Harris, I can’t wait for the next one! ♥♥♥


My possible cast:

Bea: Amanda Seyfried

Adam: Ian Somerhalder

Kieran: Channing Tatum

Milly: Nazanin Boniadi

Ali Harris on Twitter: @AliHarrisWriter

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  1. Great cast, I loved reading the review as usual!