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Johnny's Girl - by Paige Toon

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

Meg's life has taken a turn for the perfect. She is the envy of millions with her drop dead gorgeous husband, their two beautiful sons and her new mansion in Henley. Her celebrity PA days are over. But desperate to keep up with her rock star husband, Johnny Jefferson, she uproots her perfect family and moves back to LA.
Meg has to learn to live with her new celebrity status and the insecurities of her old life, which keep reappearing. Under the paparazzi flash of an A-List party, complete with red carpet, champagne and canap├ęs, Johnny's rock star past catches up with him and Meg's worst nightmare becomes a reality…

My Opinion:

„You are a part of me. And now, you will always be a part of me.“ – Johnny

„I know without a shadow of a doubt, that despite his flaws, despite his past, Johnny is worth fighting for. And I swear to myself that I’ll never let anyone come between us, whoever they are.“ – Meg

Johnny and Meg are just awesome and perfect together. Their chemistry in the beginning of the book is great and it really comes through to the reader.
And their children, so adorable
It’s great that they went back to Big Sur, love that place and when they talk about their time back there, so funny.

Johnny convinces Meg to move back to LA and of course he gets what he wants.

We can read about Kitty again, which is great and she’s found herself a guy.

At party after a premiere Meg sees Joseph Strike again ;) and he is with his girl now and they’re engaged =)

Then Johnny comes and he has news... News about his daugther, news about Jessie.

Meg is really shocked, but after a while she tries to help Johnny and the love between them is just so deep. I’m sure they will get through this.

And they way Bess (her best friend) is cheering her up, is just awesome. Here is the link to the YouTube video of the Wedding Speech: Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech

I was really impressed with Johnny about the non smoking and the non drinking thing. Well, let’s hope he is keeping it that way.

I hope that they still can have their holidays on the private island, but I sense trouble.

The moment Jessie arrives is the perfect end of the story, because it really makes you want to read about Jessie now.

I really love the Meg and Johnny scenes and they’re dialogues or whatever they to. It’s a beautiful story, but way too short. Can’t wait for the Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson =) Jessie sounds like trouble and she will probably turn their world upside down, at least for a while.
Loved it from start to finish, Paige’s writing is absolutely brilliant and she really understand to convey the emotions of the characters. ♥♥♥


My possible cast:

Meg: Alona Tal

Johnny: Garrett Hedlund

Kitty: Laura Breckenridge



Paige Toon on Twitter: @PaigeToonAuthor

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