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The Life List - by Lori Nelson Spielman

Original Cover
My own copy

The blurb:

Brett's Life List

1. Go to Paris

2. Perform live, on a super big stage

3. Have a baby, maybe two

4. Fall in love

Brett Bohlinger seems to have it all: a plum job, a spacious loft, an irresistibly handsome boyfriend. All in all, a charmed life. That is, until her beloved mother passes away, leaving behind a will with one big stipulation: In order to receive her inheritance, Brett must first complete the life list of goals she'd written when she was a naive girl of fourteen.

Grief-stricken, Brett can barely make sense of her mother's decision-her childhood dreams don't resemble her ambitions at age thirty-four in the slightest. Some seem impossible. How can she possibly have a relationship with a father who died seven years ago? Other goals (Be an awesome teacher!) would require her to reinvent her entire future.

As Brett reluctantly embarks on a perplexing journey in search of her adolescent dreams, one thing becomes clear. Sometimes life's sweetest gifts can be found in the most unexpected places.

My Opinion:

This book took me in from the first moment on, because is just so beautifully written. It instantly reminded me oft he movie The Ultimate Gift with Drew Fuller (love him ;))

Brett lost her mother and was really sad. Her two brothers got their inheritance, but not Brett. She has to complete a list.

I was really curious about which points on the list Brett was trying to complete first. I kind of thought, that Andrew was not the one for her and didn’t understand why she didn’t tell him about the list. I was soo glad when he was out of the picture ;)

Then there was Brad. It was so cute when he tried to help her (when she was on stage) and he supported her all the way. They seemed like the perfect couple and I was really routing for them, too bad it didn’t work out  ;) 

There was still Burberry Man, I was really curious about him, but first Herbert appeared. I didn’t really get warm with him and apparently so did Brett.

It was hard for her to complete the list, especially points like being a mum or falling in love. For me, being a teacher, it was interesting to see Brett trying to be a teacher first in a classroom and then with only one child at the time. Then she got her child and I was so happy for her. When Sanquita’s mother turned up, I couldn’t believe it. Brett really had to fight for the baby girl and she was successful. Then she also found her real dad.

But where was the love of her life???

In a cafe she bumped into Burberry Man again (this happened several times before, but they didn’t really talk). Then it turns out, that he is the doctor of one of the children she teaches. They talked on the phone a lot and they found each other again ♥.

Her mum knew everything and it turns out, she was right ;)

A really moving, emotional and amazing story. I couldn’t put the book down. I’d read it over and over again. ♥ ♥ 

Oh and I love the cover, it's so beautiful. 


My possible cast:

Brett: Minka Kelly

Brad: Diego Boneta

Garrett: Sean Faris

Herbert: Travis Aaron Wade

Andrew: Chad Michael Murray

Carrie: Lauren Cohan

Jay: Hugh Dacy

Joad: Hugh Dacy with glasses

Shelley: Alexandra Daddario

Megan: model

Zoe: Sophie Nyweide

Johnny: George Clooney

I know that the age of the actors is not always perfect. When I chose the actors I look at their hair and eyes first, so that has priority (also see review policy about that). 

Lori Nelson Spielman on Twitter: @lnelsonspielman

Next weeks review will be Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. On the weekend more quotes will be waiting for you and probably a recipe (Not sure about that yet, maybe there will also be something on music).  
I bought some Christmas Chick-Lit today and I had an idea for an Advent calendar. Unfortunately, I don't have the time this year to do it, since I am really busy at University and Bachelor exams, so you'll have to wait for next year. There will be reviews included and other fun things.
One more thing: I have a Christmas giveaway planned. More details follow soon. 

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