Saturday, 3 December 2016

Simona's Cosy Corner of Christmas - Scented Candles

 only really discovered scented candles last Christmas, so a year ago. I love them now, so thanks to all bloggers and vloggers for always sharing them. 

This one is from L'Occitane and it's called RAMEAUX D'HIVER. Very christmassy.

This is is a collection of small Yankee Candles. 

This is a collection of small diptyque candles. 

This one is POMANDER.

AMBRE, this one has a great small, love it!

OPOPANAX! Haven't tried this one yet ;)

This one is FEU DE BOIS, my favourite out of this collection and fab for Christmas. 

VANILLE is always a save bet!

BUNDLE UP! A bit manly, really like it. 

WINTER GLOW smells great and it gets you into the festive mood!

COSY BY THE FIRE! Don't really like this one, it smells of cinnamon and I'm not a big fan of cinnamon. 

Love this one: CHRISTMAS COOKIE!

BERRY TRIFLE! Sweet, but lovely!

I really like the L'Occitan one, but the smell is not that strong. The same goes for the little Yankee Candles. The actually small wonderful, but once you burn them they are weak and they burn really fast. My faves out of this bunch are the diptyque candles. I was lucky enough to get them as a present, the are brilliant!

This two candles are not really christmassy, more for spring and summer. 

This is my beloved CUCUMBER candle from Anthropology, I just adore this smell. 

This is the RAIN candle from Village Candle. Very refreshing and relaxing. 

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