Friday, 30 December 2016

My Highlights of 2016

I have seen a lot of people say that this has been a shitty year and yes I see where they are coming from. A lot of famous and great people died, there have been more terror attacks, Trump is America’s new president etc.

I’m not saying it hasn’t been bad, because we went through a lot this year when it comes to family. I had to say goodbye to my grandpa and that was very hard, grandma has been difficult ever since. However, I’m a strong believer in positivity and I’m also an optimist.

You yourself decide how bad something is for you, how much impact it has on your life and how you want to deal with a situation. I just think that complaining all the time is not the solution. Having a great day or experience starts with you and your way of living. It can be small things, but do something good for you from time to time. I know it’s easier said than done, but get away from the negativity and focus on the good things. Sometimes you need courage to make the next step, but changes are good!

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase here, I would like to share my highlights of 2016 with you guys.

-       In April I travelled to New York, Dallas and Chicago and it was amazing! I went all by myself and was able to finally explore new (to me) American cities. I love the States, so this trip was a dream come true. I went to New York, because the city is just awesome, the shopping is great, the sightseeing is fab, there is Broadway and hockey! Then I went to Dallas to see my dear friend Wendy and to enjoy some hockey. Last but not least, Chicago. Such a wonderful city!!! So this trip and all three cities have been a big highlight this year.

-       My second highlight is meeting my second momma Wendy in Dallas. We have been close friends ever since I started reading her books and she is just amazing! Thanks for showing me around Dallas momma and thanks for your friendship.

-       NHL hockey: I got to experience some great NHL hockey in the States. I saw two games and went to a Dallas Stars practice and I got to see so many players play live!!! The Dallas Stars are my fave team and I was able to sit right by the rink, we had first row seats!!!

-       London with mum: In July I went to London with my mum for a few days. The city is your second home. We went shopping, saw some shows and explored the city of course. I also got to stand in front of the Palace Theatre where the show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child :).

-       London trip to finally meet Lindsey Kelk: Lindsey is one of my fave authors and when I saw that she is coming to London, I booked the event immediately, it was fabulous. I also got to meet the lovely Giovanna Fletcher and Mhairi McFarlane. The rest of this trip was great too. I went to the House of Mina Lima, explored the St. Paul’s area and also did some shopping.

-       Singing a Christmas concert in one of the most famous concert halls in Switzerland, the KKL. The hall fits so many people and it’s just wonderful to sing in a festive atmosphere like that.

-       I got elected into the committee of my choir. I’m responsible for the website and part of the communication to people outside the choir. It’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy it and the other members of the group are great to work with.

-       Working up on a mountain has positive and negative sides, but let me share why I love it so much: The sunsets are amazing and the view is just beautiful and it’s different every single day.

-       CHESS: I got to perform CHESS The Musical with an amazing group of people.

-       I also travelled to Munich, where I met the lovely Alba and explored the city.

-       My bestie’s Mary’s engagement and being asked to be her bridesmaid!!!

-       Skype and What’s App conversations with Mary and Wendy!!!

-       Being a beta reader for Aven Ellis (Wendy), her books are just brilliant!!!

-       One day, when I walked through Zurich, I bumped into Roman Josi, one of my fave hockey players, that was a fab highlight!

-       Ellie Goulding concert!

-       Being a practice coach for future teachers has taught me so much. And if feels great to pass on my experience.

-       Talking to my lovely author and (book) blogging friends online.

-       All the Sushi nights with my ladies!

As you can see, there are a lot of travel related highlights here, but that’s what I love. Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for me.

What are your highlights of the year? Big or small?


  1. Sounds like a lot of really fun things! I'm especially jealous of your travel, I would love to go to New York and London. I'm too far away unfortunately! And meeting so many authors must be amazing too :) I'm sorry about your grandpa!

    1. New York and London are amazing! If you ever go, let me know and I can tell you a few things. Where do you love? The author events are fab, can only make a few though, there would be so many more. Thanks for your lovely comment xx