Thursday, 8 December 2016

Simona's Cosy Corner of Christmas - Guest Post by Rae

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Simona for inviting me to take part in this guest post.

I have always enjoyed Christmas especially as I get to spend the time with my family. However since having children it is definitely a more magical experience.

To be honest I probably enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day as I find the build up is the most exciting time. My favourite thing to do on Christmas Eve is to bake we always make a Gingerbread Cake, buns and occasionally shortbread. My family and I then have a small buffet or picnic as I tell the children. Where we have sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini pizzas etc and of course make a start eating the yummy baking that was done earlier.

Then when the children are in bed I really enjoy arranging the presents under the tree. I know some people put presents in sacks but I like to arrange them on the floor with a pile for each person. I guess we all have our certain traditions and this is what makes Christmas such a special time of year. It is always lovely to hear about all the different traditions people have. I have always opened a small present on Christmas Eve (I just can’t wait) and I have continued this tradition with my own children.

We always have a little bit of music on Christmas morning whilst we open our presents and of course it has to be Christmas music. I have a couple of CDs that go on every year with a good mix of pop music, carols and now for the little ones a Christmas Disney album!

After seeing Dex and Missy open their presents my next favourite thing of course is Christmas lunch I love seeing the table decorated with crackers and the lovely table decorations. We always have a selection of meat with our lunch usually Beef, Pork and Chicken and of course all the trimmings.

Wow, I am getting hungry just thinking about it all!

Then in the afternoon I play with my children with all their new toys usually with me down on the floor as I have definitely eaten too much! In the evening I always try and squeeze one more Christmas story in, I guess it’s to prolong the magic that little bit longer.

It’s nothing grand or expensive but I love the Christmas that I spend with my family and all traditions that go with it.

Thank you for reading x

Christmas This or That!

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
- Real tree or fake tree?
- Snowman or snow angel?
- Jingle Bells or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
- Gold or silver?
- White lights or colorful lights?
- All I Want for Christmas or Last Christmas? 
- Love Actually or The Holiday?

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