Monday, 19 December 2016

Simona's Cosy Corner of Christmas - Guest post by Kaisha

Absolutely delighted to be on Simona's blog today, thank you for having me! If you haven't realised already, the festive season is upon us; soon it will be Christmas day (if you didn't sing the last six words, I want to know why), and what better way to help get into the festive spirit than a Christmassy guest post from TWG! Simona asked me to write about what makes me feel cosy at Christmas time, a topic that is much harder to write about than it seems. After careful consideration (aka sat under my Christmas tree pretending to be a Christmas present), the ideas were there.
So, what DOES make TWG feel cosy and good at Christmas?
 For me, once all the buying of presents and wrapping up is complete, Christmas can officially start. Since moving out of the family home 6 and half years ago, I needed to create my own traditions at Christmas. My first tradition involves mince pies instead of the popular advent calendar. Every year on the 1st December, a sweet mince pie is eaten and the general aim is to eat a mince pie every day until Christmas day. I start off well, and then forget to buy them for a week or so. The thought still counts though, right? My second tradition involves Christmas movies, well, one in particular. Every year, 'Miracle on 34th Street' takes its place by the T.V, waiting patiently for its yearly viewing. That movie alone makes me feel cosy as it's full of Christmas spirit.
This year has been a lot memorable than previous Christmases' due to one pint sized individual, my daughter. Mini-TWG is at the age where she is able to understand Christmas a lot better than she did last year; especially given the fact she stands at the window moaning because 'Santa Claus is late'. That makes me feel cosy. I also feel really cosy despite the fact that she has now learnt 'Jingle Bells' and will sing it over, and over, and over again. Yes, I may try and turn into a mince pie whilst watching Miracle on 24th Street every year, but the ultimate feel good at Christmas is my mini-me and her Christmas innocence. How could I not feel cosy when she wishes me 'Happy Christmas mumma' every day?

Hold your loved ones, remember the little things and dance like nobody is watching this Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone, & a Happy New Year.

Before I leave you, Simona has created a 'This or That? for me to answer, enjoy!

- Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day
- Real tree or fake tree?
- Snowman or snow angel?
Snow angel
- Jingle Bells or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!
- Gold or silver?
- White lights or colourful lights?
Ooo, erm white lights
- All I Want for Christmas or Last Christmas? 
All I Want For Christmas

- Love Actually or The Holiday?
Ah!!!! Tough one! I love them both, BUT, it'll have to be The Holiday!

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