Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Quotes - On Thin Ice by Aven Ellis

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It's quotes time, because Aven Ellis has another book out! On Thin Ice is her 4th book of the Dallas demons series, the perfect hockey romance book. Read my review here: On Thin Ice - Review

„There’s a depth to Matt.“ – Holly Johansson

„This is different.“ – Holly Johansson

„My heart slams inside my chest the second I feel his rough skin against mine.“ – Holly Johansson

„I know, I’m meant to be with Matt. I know with every fibre of my being that we’re meant to be together.“ – Holly Johansson

„Holly, you’re the girl who has haunted my dreams.“ – Matt Rhinelander

„This is the kind of love I want in my life. This. A man who adores me and is content to watch me sleep. Who guides me through anxiety attacks without judging me. Who mocks me over my planner, who laughs when I make a fool out of myself, who encourages me to be me, despite my weird habits and quirky personality.“ – Holly Johansson

„You’re my snow angel, Holly.“ – Matt Rhinelander

„Matt’s crazy about me, just as I am about him.“ – Holly Johansson

„All that matters is Matt and what we have together. I won’t let anyone, including my brother, change that.“ – Holly Johansson

„We are better with each other.“ – Holly Johansson

Matt is The One. And nothing, and no one, will ever change that.“ – Holly Johansson

„I adore everything about you. You’re real. And you’re mine.“ – Matt Rhinelander

„You’re the only person I want to write my story with. It has to be you.“ – Matt Rhinelander

You’ve always had my heart.

„I can’t wait to write the rest of our story together.“ – Holly Johansson

„Your love made me the man I am.“ – Matt Rhinelander

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