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Sky's Musical Corner - Musical Q&A with Charlotte

1) What’s your favourite musical ever? 

It is SO hard for me to pick because I love musical theatre so much, but I’ll go with Memphis! I love the story, the songs are fantastic and everything about the West End production was just jaw dropping. Especially the costumes!

Memphis - Photo credit Johan Perrson
2) What comes to mind when you hear the word Musical?

Happiness! Performing in a musical is my absolute favourite thing to do, and if I could I’d spend my every waking moment in the theatre seeing shows. For me there is nothing better!

3) Have you ever seen a musical on the West End or Broadway? 

I have seen many. I’m fortunate enough to be asked sometimes to review West End shows for my theatre blog, and I also spend a lot of my free time in London seeing all the exciting new things that the West End has to offer. I also caught a couple of shows in New York when I visited for the first time, earlier this year. However, a lot of the best musicals which I have seen have been in London’s fringe theatres or in regional theaters.

4) What is the next musical you want to see?

Oooh, there are SO many, but I think I am most excited for School of Rock which is opening this October on the West End! I am obsessed with the cast album and the movie is a classic from my childhood. I think it’s going to be great.

5) What musicals have you seen live? 

There is no way I could possibly list them all… last year I saw over 30.

6) What is your favourite song from a musical? 

This is also a tricky question as I have SO MANY! But You and Me (But Mostly Me) from The Book of Mormon never fails to put a smile on my face.

Book of Mormon West End cast - Photo credit Johan Perrson 
7) Who is your favourite musical theatre actress? 

Probably Willemijn Verkaik, a Dutch musical theatre performer who has played Elphaba in Wicked in Germany, the Netherlands, America and England, which is an amazing feat. Plus she is also the German voice of Queen Elsa in Frozen. I just think she is fantastic!

Willemijn Verkaik - Photo credit  Govert de Roos

8) Who is your favourite musical theatre actor? 

Gavin Creel! He has the most wonderful vibrato. He has starred in some amazing musicals like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hair, The Book of Mormon and most recently in She Loves Me on Broadway. Definitely worth Youtubing!

Gavin Creel - I Believe

9) What is the best musical movie you have ever seen? 

Ooh! This is a controversial choice, but I might go with Mamma Mia! I really didn’t like the show when I saw it on stage, but the movie really somehow managed to capture the essence of fun which is inescapable in most stage musicals, and present it on screen. Plus it seemed like all the actors were having a fantastic time, and although some of the vocal performance weren’t the best, I loved the way the actors took their roles and injected them with so much cheesy, over the top characterisation! Plus, who doesn’t want to look at that gorgeous Greek scenery for a couple of hours?

10) Which book would you turn into a musical? 

Good question! There’s a book called The Seventh Door by Norman Leach. A girl watches her six sisters being taken away one by one by their King. They marry him, and then mysteriously die. When the seventh sister is eventually summoned to marry the King, she uses her imprisonment as an opportunity to explore his castle. She discovers a load of creepy, mysterious and sometimes frightening things, and in the end she of course has to fight for her life against….someone! It’s not a very well-known book, but I’ve always thought it has the potential to be amazing on stage. I love the feminist undertones in the novel, and I think there is room for a load of extraordinary musical numbers!

11) Which musical has the best soundtrack? 

My favourite cast album is probably the Legally Blonde OBC. Every song is just a joy to listen too.

12) Take your favourite musical and put together your own dream cast. 

Another really tough question! A lot of my favourite musicals have had perfect casting. For example, The Book of Mormon and Memphis (two of my favourite shows ever!) both had completely flawless original West End casts and great replacements too, and I wouldn’t change a single person. However, I would like to see American Idol Finalist/ Academy Award Winner/ Broadway Star Jennifer Hudson as Felicia in Memphis (maybe if they made it into a movie?)

13) Who is your favourite musical composer? 

Jason Robert Brown. His music is so clever and ever popular!

14) Which musical made/makes you cry? 

HA! More like which musical doesn’t make me cry! Most recently I cried at Titanic: The Musical at the Charing Cross Theatre. And I cried at Memphis all 11 times I saw it! But I’ll never forget my second visit to see Miss Saigon on the West End, when I cried literally nonstop for the whole show. It was so visually stunning and the cast was amazing. I just couldn’t stop myself!

Thanks so much for asking these questions! 

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