Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Quotes - Green Tea Latte to Go by Aven Ellis

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It's that time again yes, Aven Ellis is publishing a new book, the first of her Love, Latte... Romance series. I have once again collected my favourite quotes of the book. You can read my review HERE.  

„You read my posts?“- Payton
„I did. I wanted to see your work. And not only are you an amazing writer, but also I saw how people responded to your words and what you chose to write about.“ – Brooks
Tears prick my eyes as I take in his words. Brooks is speaking about me in a way I’ve never heard before. - Payton
He understands me.  – Payton

„He gently takes my hand and lifts it to his full lips, and oh so slowly presses a sweet kiss against my knuckles. My body instantly burns from the sensation of his warm lips brushing against my skin. I feel dizzy with excitement from that sweet, romantic gesture.“ – Payton

„I close my hands as Brooks’ lips meet mine. The second they do, and with the mere brush of his warm mouth n mine, sparks fly.“ – Payton

„Tonight has been perfect. Completely, wonderful, magically perfect.“

„Oh, match point, Payton James“, Brooks teases, tugging me into his chest.
„Shall I serve fort he win?“ – Payton
„If winning means you kiss me, by all means. Please serve.“ – Brooks

„All I could think about was Brooks. How we talked. Laughed. Connected. Kissed.“ – Payton

„And suddenly I realize Brooks is good for me in this sense. He’s the only person who has made me feel brave enough to be less than perfect.“ – Payton


You just made yourself a thousand times hotter with that description. – Payton

But this is different. Completely, magically, wonderfully different. Brooks is different. – Payton

„You have this enegry around you, this brightness, and you have it in everything you approach. It’s magnetic. And you are sharp, running your own business at a very young age, and doing it your own way. You’re inspiring. Payton.“ – Brooks

„I think you’re good for me Payton.“ – Brooks
„Good, because I think you’re good for me too.“ – Payton

I have no words for how fast my heart is falling for this man.

He called me Sunshine. I’m his sunshine.

“You are my sunshine, Payton. I never realized how the sun was missing in my life until you entered it.” – Brooks

I’m home. Home is this house, withbthis man, sharing my life with Brooks. He has everything I’ve ever wanted and ore. This, is forever.

„I had no idea, I could fall in love like this. But I did. It was fast. It was out of the blue. And nothing in my life has felt as right as being with you.“ – Brooks

„I love you Payton. I love you in ways I didn’t know were possible. And each day I discover somethig new to love about you. You’re my best friend. My partner. You make me laugh.“ – Brooks

„You’re my everything. You believe in me.“ – Payton

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