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Top 5 Kisses in Books

Welcome to part two of Valentine’s Book Love. This time we are sharing our Top 5s:

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I’m sharing my Top 5 Kisses with you guys. I love kissing scenes in books, they are so magical, special and unique. First kisses are always wonderful, but there are others as well. So here are my favourites. I have two others in my head as well, but these books are not out yet, so...

1.     Bree and Jack in Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis

This is by far my favourite kiss ever!!! It is one of the sweetest and most beautifully described kisses and romantic scenes ever. Their feelings sparkle and they are surrounded by these fireflies - just magical. The tension is building up and when the moment comes it’s just the two oft hem – AMAZING!!!

2.   Kayla and Jackson in Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

This is one oft he most passionate and also erotic kisses ever, without leading stratly to making love. The scenery and the surroundings are beautiful, outside in the forest, there is snow and a beautiful waterfall.

3.   Meg and Johnny in Johnny’s Girls by Paige Toon

Meg and Johnny are one of my fave couples ever! They have lots of great kisses, but the one that stuck with me, was the one in the grass in Johnny’s Girl. It’s passionate and just full of love.

4.   Savannah and Asher in The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery

I love their picnic scene; the atmosphere is magical and adorable. They start talking and then get closer and closer to each other. When they finally are in each other’s arms the sparks fly and then they kiss. It’s a tender and sweet kiss and it’s very emotional.

5.   Harrison and Kylie in Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis

Yes, Aven Ellis again, but she just has a real talented when it comes to describing scenes like that. This kiss is so passionate, it comes a bit out of the blue, but it’s intense, hot and sexy. The way the whole scene stars and ends is also surprising, which made the kiss even more special.

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