Thursday, 26 February 2015

Q&A with Pat Elliott

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1.     Your second book is called Leaves For Chloe, what is it about?

Leaves for Chloe follows the fortunes of Chloe, after she has seen her best friend get married. She fears she will be left on the shelf, so she goes to a fortune teller  who predicts a mixed future, between happiness and heartache.

2.     Tell us more about the main character.

Chloe is a feisty girl, who fell in love with the wrong man and is now trying to extricate herself from this bad relationship. She loves the country, travelling, baking – and dogs!

3.     How did the story develop?

The story developed as a follow on from All in the Leaves, which told the story of Anna and her fortune telling. Anna is Chloe's best friend. After telling Anna's story, it seemed natural to tell Chloe's. However, she doesn't have the same type of fortune!

4.     You’re a writer and a painter, are these two things connected in a     way?

Oh yes, they are connected. They are both creative and in both , you are in control of the world you create. Both require determination to learn and never give up.

5.     What do you like most about being a writer?

I simply adore creating baddies! People magnetic on the outside, but nasty on the inside.

6.     Imagine one of your books would be turned into a movie, who would you cast for the main characters?

Oh, Simona, I love it when you do this. So, if I take Leaves for Chloe,
for Chloe I would pick Katie Holmes,

and for Howard
Daniel Craig

7.     If you could change something about your life, what would you change?

Apart from living in a big castle with rooms for all my friends,  you mean? I'd change the vertigo I suffer. A little thing, but I can't admire a view from a high point any more.

8.     What are you working on right now?

The third book in The Leaves Series – 'The House in the Leaves.'

9.     When you are reading a book, what are you looking for in an author?

I look for the ability for their words to transport me to a world that will engross me. It doesn't have to be realistic, as long as it's consistent.

10.   What’s your favourite line in Leaves For Chloe?

 'Howard, what happened to you?' I cried.

11.   What’s your favourite scene in Leaves For Chloe?

The one where Chloe meets Howard on the mountain.

12.   Chocolate or vanilla?


13.Silver or gold?


14.Cats or dogs?


15.   Sunrise or sunset?


16.Classic or modern?


17.Call or text?


18.   Picnic or nice restaurant?


19.   Bright colors or neutral tones?

Bright colours.

20.   Detailed or abstract?


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