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My Favourite Book Couples

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It’s time to reveal my favourite couples again. Couples, who have chemistry, spark and mostly a connection.

·      Mary-Kate and William, Connectivity by Aven Ellis
·      Kylie and Harrison, Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis
·      Avery and Deke, Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis
·      Jack and Bree, Surviving The Rachel by Aven Ellis
·      Harry and Suzie, One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin
·      Joy and Finn, Beneath the Moon and the Stars by Amelia Thorne
·      Liam and Grace, Beyond Grace’s Rainbow by Carmel Harrington
·      April and Isaac, April Showers and April Fools by Karli Perrin
·      Aaron and Dayton, The Call series by Emma Hart
·      Fitz and Daisy, Falling For Fitz by Katy Regnery
·      Lars and Jane, See Jane Fall by Katy Regnery
·      Asher and Savannah, The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery
·      Lucy and Sam, After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
·      Holly and Noel, #LoveLondon series by Nikki Moore
·      Isobel and Jamie, The Bucket List series by Ella Fairlie
·      Damon and Lily, The Gingerbread series by Rebecca Raisin
-    Izzy and Ethan, Tied Up With Love by Amelia Thorne
-    Penny and Mark, Don't Tell the Brides-to-Be by Anna Bell

Mary-Kate and William: What MK and William have is great and something different from other stories. The scenes between them and their interactions were amazing and wonderful. Every single scene has it’s own spark and glimmer. Their relationship started innocently, but builds up more and more, they are such a cute and adorable couple and their love was always there, without neither of them saying something about it. They way they treated each other and showed each other their feelings made this story magical. You can see that one person, if it is the ONE, can really change everything in life. I can’t tell you enough, how I loved the connection between William and Mary-Kate.

Kylie and Harrison: I loved reading about their dates. All their scenes were so adorable, cute and sexy. They are the perfect match and that really comes across all the time. The way they treat each other and want to be there for each other all the time, so cute. The only want the best for the other person and they are ready to build a real future together. I loved the way she was waiting for him, when he was away at games and of what happened afterwards. I think they have something really special and their chemistry was unique.

Avery and Deke: Deke found a way though to encourage Avery and make her go for that project at work. It also brought the two of them closer together. The have a great lovestory and it developed in a sweet and authentic way. I loved reading about their feelings.

Jack and Bree: The understanding between Jack and Bree is amazing, he is there for her from the start and seems to be able to read her really well. They get to know each other fast and they really enjoy each other’s company. He can help her with a job and when they practise for the interview and spend time in her garden, it happens. This is one of the sweetest and most beautifully described kisses and romantic scenes ever. Their feelings sparkle and they are surrounded by these fireflies -just magical.

Harry and Suzie: Best friends running a business together, but there is way more behind that. They are in love with each other, but take a while to be honest to each other. Sweet actions show the unique connection between them! They understand each other so well, it was such a pleasure to read their story! They have so much chemistry and their love for each other is so deep, honest and romantic.

Joy and Finn: I loved the two of them spending time together, getting to know each other and sharing intimate things about their pasts. Joy’s and Finn’s moments were so real and honest and they had such a strong connection. Finn, suddenly coming for her rescue and caring for her, several times. I practically saw the sparks flying around there, so much chemistry between them!!!

Liam and Grace: A strong and tough couple finding back together again and going through a hard time. Liam changed for her. You can feel his love for Grace and Jack through the book and he’s so sweet, caring and perfect. They are a perfect cute family with Jack.

April and Isaac: I loved how Isaac cared for “his girl” when she was feeling bad, he’s great. The scenes between them were full of chemistry and attraction. I think it’s so sweet that Isaac handed in his resignation to be with his girl. Their love and attraction is undeniable.

Aaron and Dayton: Their chemistry is obvious from the start and the sexual tension, wow!!! Their scenes were flirty and their love making moments were full of tension and electricity, different every single time… I loved the scenes when they were just talking about their feelings and when they were true and honest about them to each other. Aaron is so protective and caring… <3

Fitz and Daisy: Daisy and Fitz are just great, full of strive, passion and determination. They were wonderful characters for themselves, but when they were together they were inseparable, unbeatable and just perfect, that’s what I call soulmates.

Lars and Jane: Lars and Jane have a certain magic surrounding them.
The way Jane and Lars meet at the airport is so funny and adorable at the same time, especially when Lars thought she was a teenager with her cardigan and cap. She is cute, has some curves, doesn’t use make-up and doesn’t own fancy and sexy clothes. Still, Lars is instantly drawn to her and especially her voice and green eyes. Every single moment and scene between them was so special and unique and most importantly full of feelings and passion. They were falling for each other more and more after every second and their chemistry was amazing! They bonded on different levels and were able to talk about everything, even their past. Lars and Jane really had to fight for their love, but it was clear that they belong together, such an adorable couple.

Asher and Savannah: What the two of them shared and felt for each other was strong and amazing from the start and loved seeing their relationship develop in a passionate, sweet and deep way. I loved their scenes together; Katy managed to create an amazing atmosphere around them. I was so happy for him that he finally found someone to share everything with and finally being intimate with a woman again. They were falling for each other fast and hard!!!

Lucy and Sam: Sam and Lucy start talking more and more and they get along really well. They were drawn to each other and I loved how Jennifer describes all these scenes, where their relationship developed. The most important thing: They want the same things in life, which I think is so sweet.

Holly and Noel: I could literally see the sparks flying between them, they had something from the beginning. They way they made each other feel, there was always a warmth and spark between them. I enjoyed reading about how their relationship developed.

Isobel and Jamie: Isobel and Jamie had chemistry and spark from the beginning and I loved seeing their relationship develop, a lot of magical and sweet moments made their story perfect. Jamie’s attentive, sweet, smart, sexy, confident… almost too good to be true, but the best that could happen to Isobel.

Damon and Lily: Lily and Damon are such a gorgeous and adorable couple. Their love is “feelable” through the book and Rebecca created some great scenes showing us their deep, honest and real relationship. They really belong to each other. Their story is so magical.

Izzy and Ethan: WOW!!! Their chemistry and connection was incredible!! The passion and love was feelable through the pages and I just loved reading about them. The way they made each other feel, not being complete without the other person - just amazing.

Penny and Mark:  I adored these two as a couple, Mark is a real gentleman. He’s so understanding and he has the best ideas. Their scenes were magical, romantic and just wonderful.

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