Monday, 12 January 2015

Fashion Corner - Winter Fashion

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The Fashion Corner is back! This time with Winter Fashion! Enjoy :)

The first outfit:

- Red jumper (Massimo Dutti)
- Dark blue skinny jeans (Diesel)
- brown ankle boots
- dark red nails
- brown bag (Massimo Dutti)
- silver necklace 
- white pearl earrings

The second outfit:

-grey/white (Xmas) jumper (H&M)
- petrol skinny jeans (Zara)
- grey boots
- petrol coat
- grey/pink scarf

The third outfit:
- white/blue (Xmas) jumper (SuperDry)
- dark blue skinny jeans (Diesel)
- high ankle boots in black/grey
- black bag
- dark blue/beige bonnet
- silver necklace with red horse
The forth outfit:

- beige shirt (Rosamunde)
- white jumper (Mango)
- black jeggins
- black vest

Other outfits:

Hope you liked this Fashion Corner, the next feature is called "Winter Elegance".


  1. Gorgeous, stylish, chic but address the elements of the winter season. Absolutely love your style!! xo

  2. I just love the sweater. Its so stylish and i am going to but this soon. Thanks for this post.

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