Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quotes - Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis

It's time the show you some quotes out of a book again. And since it's still my two day's #AvenSpecial, I picked out my fave quotes out of her new novel Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista.
Character Interview with Avery Andrews: Q&A with Avery Andrews

„You wrote down green, but I think a more accurate description would be smoky jade.“ -Deke

„As my eyes meet his, my pulse twitches just a bit. After all, Deke is cute, despite the bad shirt. And there is something mysterious in his blue-green eyes, something that makes a tingle shoot down my spine whenever I look in them.“ – Avery

„Avery, I just watched you talk about it. You’re inspired. It’s the first time I’ve seen you having fun at work. You can’t let this idea go now, you can’t.“ – Deke

„... he says, smiling gently at me. And the second he does, my spine begins to tingle. A wonderful, warm tingle that radiates me from head to toe. I find myslef smiling back at him, drinking him in with my eyes as I do.“ – Avery

„But every time I close my eyes, I see Deke. I visualize his mysterious blue-green eyes peering into mine. I see him smiling at me in that way that makes my spine tingle. And then I imagine what he’d look like shirtless.“ – Avery

 „Suddenly I notice how his eyes are the colour oft he Caribbean Sea, a really vivid blue-green. And I’ve never seen a smile as beautiful as the one Deke is showering me with at this moment. That warm, wonderful, radiating feeling floats up my spine again – the feeling that I only get when I look at Deke – and I realize I don’t want him to leave. – Avery

„Now I realize it’s just me and him, with no camera between us. I notice that he’s shifting his weight from foot to foot, just like he did in the meeting on Wednesday. It’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable around me without the camera as a buffer, which makes my heart melt a little bit. His shyness ist he exact opposite of Sullivan, whose cockiness I always thought was attractive. But as I stand here with Deke, taking in his honest shyness, I suddenly don’t think Sullivan is so attractive anymore.“ – Avery

„My hearts flips excitedly inside my chest. He appreciates my sentimentality, I think. He completely gets it. He gets me.“ – Avery

„You see the world in a way unlike anyone I’ve ever met before.“ – Avery
„So do you.“ – Deke

„You are the most unique person I’ve ever met. You have a different spirit, Avery, you really do.“ – Deke

„I want him to be with me.“ – Avery

„And I think it’s the most incredibly romantic thing I’ll ever do. I smile and put my hand in his, feeling his rough skin against mine. Goose bumps instantly prickle my skin the second we touch.“ – Avery

„Deke’s lips gently press against mine in an innocent kiss. I abruptly shift gears sheer panic to total shock. Deke kissed me.“ – Avery

„And then his mouth is back on mine. But this time, he eases mine open in a searching kiss. Deke’s mouth is exploring mine a sexy, sensual way. And his kiss is very, very hot. Suddenly I’m lost in a warm, dizzying feeling that is sweeping me from head to toe.“ – Avery

„Avery Andrews, you are one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. You have spark. You’re effervescent. You always have a million thoughts or questions going on inside your head and you aren’t afraid to share them with people around you. And that’s fascinating to me.“ – Deke

„She wasn’t you. Isabel couldn’t be you.“ – Deke

„I like you. I know I’m not supposed to, I know I’m your videographer, and I tried like hell to fight it. I swear to you I did. But every time I tried to pull away, I came right back. I’ve never known anyone like you. Never. You’re radiant. And I can’t stop thinking about you. No matter what I do, I can’t get you out of my head.“ – Deke

„I’m totally, helplessly, madly in love with this man.“ – Avery

„I’m so sorry. Forgive me. I love you.“ – Avery

„You say I changed you, but you changed me. Being in a relationship isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work. But I’m not afraid of it anymore. Not as long as I know you love me.“ – Deke

„I love you.“ Avery

„Good. Because I’m in love with you too.“ – Deke

and here is a little surprise video including the quotes:

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