Friday, 5 September 2014

My dream bookshop

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Reading has become a very important thing in my life over the past year and blogging kind of changed my life;). When Sara asked my to write something about my own bookshop, I was all in from the start.

When it comes to bookshops, I’m all happy and bubbly. We have a lot of modern ones here in Switzerland and they barley have English books, but we don’t really have second hand bookshops or anything like that, which I think is a pity.

My bookshop would definitely have more than one floor, there would have to be at least three floors with at least two relaxing and reading corners to read in. There would be some comfy chars, sofas with pillows and maybe a coffee machine ;).  Or tea, if you prefer…
There would be some big and great windows to look out into a beautiful park full of flowers and fountains.

The inside would be old-fashioned with wooden shelves and older stairs; a little touch of a castle would be quite nice. I’d have a huge chick-lit and romance part, but also other genres of course. Since I’m a huge Harry Potter fan I’d create a whole corner dedicated to the books with extra accessories and other things.
Oh and don’t forget all the other bookish things, like bookmarks, key chains, notebooks, holders etc.

A table with recommendations is a must as well, so that the readers can see with is “in” and of course the newest published books. There would be computers as well, to look for a book and also an information desk, where customers can ask for help.

A children’s book area is important as well and a cooking and sports section. I’d also offer kindles in my bookstore and maybe even some courses and book clubs.

Physical books are the best, they look amazing in the shelves and I just love to smell them ;) My bookshop would definitely be very colourful and bubbly, decorated with some special things and plants, and some background music.
One way for decorating: Reading quotes and quotes out of books on the walls, to make a sweet and relaxing atmosphere.

I have created my independent bookshop here:
Have a look at my favourites and tell me about yours.


  1. Great post, I love it and definitely want to visit now your shop!

    1. Thanks sweetie, and you can come any time ;) xx

  2. I visited Sarah's and I will be visiting this lovely book shop too and bring my grandchildren! Sounds fab! Lovely post Simone!