Friday, 30 May 2014

Photo - Book Blogging Challenge

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I was in the mood for another challenge again and since I’m a little busy I decided to just do a photo challenge again, but this time connected to book blogging.
Some lovely ladies agreed to join me on this adventures: Laura Lovelock, Alba, Agi, Kelly, and Dawn.

Day 1: Best Book You’ve Read Last Year

This was a hard one to pick, because I read some many great books last year, including all the Paige Toon books, The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, Just For Christmas by Scarlett Bailey and Sleigh bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan. My pick is Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon. I love the story, the characters and the author is brilliant!!!

Day 2: Your Biggest Book Hangover

Connectivity by Aven Ellis. This book is AMAZING! The writing is gripping, passionate, vivid, real, emotional… and I fell in love with the characters, especially William Cumberland. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came close, I didn’t want to leave this magical world!

Day 3: A Book That You’ve Read More Than Three Times

All the Harry Potter books actually, several times in German and English. I cheated a little bit and just posted a book with all seven… ;) sorry…

Day 4: Your Favourite Series

I wanted to say Harry Potter first, because I love this series, but there’s another series I adore. The Johnny Jefferson series by Paige Toon with these books: Johnny Be Good, baby Be Mine, Johnny’s Girl and The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson and ther’s more to come. A great and catchy series.

Day 5: A Favourite Book Out Of This Series

I love them all, but I gotta say Baby Be Mine, because everything is finally turing out the right way.

Day 6: A Book That Makes You Happy

Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis. This book is awesome and whenever I think about it, I have to smile. Two great main characters falling in love, hockey involved and a marvellous style of writing!!!

Day 7: A Book That Makes You Sad

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It’s a emotional and touching story with a sad ending, but I loved this book.

Day 8: A Book That Makes You Laugh

The Wish-List by Jane Costello, it’s hilarious and full of LOL-moments!!!

Day 9: A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I was never a big fan of the classics and also thought that it might be too difficult for me (language wise, 9 years ago). I ended up loving the story!!!

Day 10: A Book That Reminds You Of Home

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon because the story is set in wonderful Florida and Florida makes me feel happy and cheerful. Whenever I travel there it feels like going home, beautiful beaches, the sea, shopping, America!!! The beach and a book that’s all I need, so that was the inspiration for this :)

Day 11: Your Favourite Writer

Aven Ellis!!! A brilliant author and a great person! I’m so blessed to know her, she is amazing, caring and unique.

Day 12: Your Favourite Male Character

That’s easy: WILLIAM CUMBERLAND in Connectivity by Aven Ellis. He’s just perfect: a real gentleman, caring, sexy, successful, funny, humorous, attentive, passionate. I still can’t get him out of my head... (Henry Cavill )

Day 13: Your Favourite Female Character

Hermione Granger. She’s clever, smart, honest, genuine and the best friend one could wish for.

Day 14: A Favourite Quote Out Of A Book

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

From The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon. Sometimes in life it is good to take a risk and be courageous, to experience new and life-changing things.

Day 15: A Book That Makes You Cry

Beyond Garce’s Rainbow by Carmel Harrington. This is such a brilliant read. Carmel Harrington is an amazing writer with a beautiful style and great talent. This book touches the delicate and difficult topic of cancer. The characters are all so well described and real and Grace is a wonderful mother and woman with strength. Grace is the main character in this story, but all the others get their part as well and I loved them all, they very so genuine. The support and love of her friends is huge and amazing, true friends. This book is emotional, gripping, charming, touching, funny, sad, and poignant...
Jack adds an extra spark to the story as well, he’s so adorable, love him.
This book made me laugh at one time and cry soon after.

Day 16: Favourite Romance Book

See Jane Fall by Katy Regnery, she’s my queen of romance and that’s my favourite book of her collection so far! Brilliantly written and such a gripping, emotional, real and romantic story about true love.

Day 17: A Book You Wanted To Read For A Long Time But Still Haven’t

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I’ve heard s many great things about it and the movie is coming out soon, so…
I've read it now (end of challenge) and I LOVED it!

Day 18: A Character Who You Can Relate To The Most

Kylie from Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis. It was amazing how I could relate to her. We have similar interests and personality wise she’s a lot like me.

Day 19: A Book That Changed Your Opinion About Something

The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman made me see life from a different angle and I love the idea of a Life List.

Day 20: The Most Surprising Plot, Twist Or Ending
Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon, I was surprised with the ending and not really happy about it as well. I felt like Meg deserved something else, I was surprised she ended up with this guy and not the other one. Thank god, Paige wrote a sequel in Baby Be Mine.

Day 21: Favourite Title Of A Book

Love Me For Me by Jenny Hale, isn’t that what love is all about?! Beautiful title.

Day 22: Favourite Book Cover

That’s a difficult one, I’m actually preparing a post on my favourite covers. The one I chose for this challenge is The Dead Wife’s Handbook by Hannah Beckerman. This cover is so beautiful. The way the hair oft he woman takes in the cover is great. The colour is perfect. The birds and flowers are included in a wonderful way and the title is written in such a stunning font. This is a cover to actually hold in your hands to appreciate the whole beauty.

Day 23: Your Favourite Book Of All Time

Harry Potter Philosopher’s Stone. I love all of the Harry Potter books to bits, they brought me into the world of books and ever since I touched book #1 I love reading. The Philosopher’s Stone was the beginning of all the magic 

Day 24: Book Best Friend

Kylie again, because I think we would have so much fun together and she would have awesome advice.

Day 25: A Character You Want To Switch Places With

Mary-Kate frm Connectivity by Aven Ellis, just because then I could be with amazing William Cumberland and live in London and Chicago.

Day 26: A Book You Wish You Could Live In

Harry Potter again, this time Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because I’m a big Remus and Sirius fan and I’m curious about my own patronus. It would be awesome to live in this magical world, around these wonderful characters and places!

Day 27: A Book You Couldn’t Put Down

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by the lovely Sarah Morgan. I LOVED everything about this book and couldn’t stop reading, it was addictive. The writing is so gripping, catchy, vivid and exciting!!!!

Day 28: Your Comfort Book

The Greatest Love Story Of All Time by Lucy Robinson, a great and funny story. Lucy is a brilliant writer!

Day 29: The Longest Book You’ve Read

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

Day 30: Favourite Classic Book

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Lovely story and great author!

Now it's your time to vote, you can pick your favourite photos of my challenge and list them in a comment, I'm curious what you think.


  1. My favourite photo is day17! I Love the fairy lights! It was so much fun this challenge! Great idea Simona! ;)

  2. Simona, I agree with you on so many if these book and you have put a few out there that I have but just not read yet.....if only I had more time. The only thing that's not for me *shock & horror* on people's faces......I'm not a Harry Potter fan but my family are. Thank you for a lovely blog page. Xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Sheerie! Well, I guess Harry Potter is not for everyone ;) xxx