Saturday, 17 May 2014


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So here’s a little on the area where I live.

I was born in Zug and lived there for a year, then we moved to Unterägeri, which is in the same state but a bit higher up the mountain.
Unterägeri is only a small village at a beautiful lake. We have a population of 8'500 people. There is not much to do up here, except for hiking and spending time at the lake in summer. We also had really bad connection by bus tot he next city, that has changed now, thank god.
Zug is a great city. It’s at a lake as well and there are so beautiful places. We also have great possibilities to go shopping. I love spring and summer down there. In winter and autumn they have a lot of fog and then I really enjoy spending time in Unterägeri ;). Zug has a local icehockey club and I really enjoy going to their matches. We have two skyscrapers in the city, one has a really nice bar at the top, the view is gorgeous.
Central Switzerland isn’t that big and so Lucerne and the mountains are close by, which is a great thing. Lucerne is an amazing city. My university is. It has a lake as well and a great concert hall. I’ve sang in there a few times, it’s amazing.

Unterägeri is also only 40 minutes away from Zurich and I love to go shopping there and eat in my favourite vegetarian restaurant Hiltl. And there is an English bookshop in the city, which is great.

Unterägeri is lovely, but I really want to move out and live somewhere else. Not to far away, but I’d like to get away from there. As soon as I earn some real money I get a car and move out. It will always be my first home though.

Panorama view from the Zugerberg
Sunset in Zug


  1. Gorgeous pics, I had a holiday in Switzerland many years ago and we were based at Lucerne, it is a beautiful country :)