Thursday, 1 May 2014

Book of the Month - April

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The books I read this month:

-       Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe – Rebecca Raisin 5/5
-       Who Killed Tom Jones’? – Gale Martin 4/5
-       The Perfect Match – Katie Fforde 4/5
-       Take Mum Out – Fiona Gibson 3.5/5
-       Late Call – Emma Hart 5/5
-       Debutantes Don’t Date – Kristina O’Grady 3.5/5
-       Closing In – Sue Fortin 5/5
-       Sinfully Summer – Aimee Duffy 4/5
-       If You Only Knew – Zanna MacKenzie 5/5
-       Crazy, Undercover Love – Nikki Moore 5/5
-       About A Girl – Lindsey Kelk 5/5
-       Love Me for me – Jenny Hale 5/5
-       Yours Truly – Kirsty Greenwood 4.5/5

This month it was a tough choice as well. I loved all the books I rated with a 5 so much, so I picked three of them again ;) Crazy, Undercover Love and Yours Truly were awesome as well:

Love Me for Me – Jenny Hale

The bit on the back:

Libby Potter has just lost the perfect job, the perfect apartment and the perfect boyfriend. Moving back to the same home town that she couldn’t wait to escape when she was younger was definitely not on her todo list. Especially as it means running into the man whose heart she broke when she left.

Pete Bennett can still walk into a room and make Libby’s world stop with just the sound of his voice – even ten years on. Only now, she is the last person in the world that he wants to see.

As everyone else welcomes Libby home with open arms, she realizes she’s missed that special closeness that comes from lifelong friendship. And, as Libby tries to make
amends with Pete, she begins to wonder whether she made the right choice in leaving all those years ago.

When an amazing career opportunity gives her the chance to leave again, Libby will have to decide what her version of perfect is… and where she really belongs.

My opinion:

This book is amazing!!! An emotional, touching and beautiful story of a woman finding her way in life and figuring out what she wants. Coming back to her home town and being around her high school sweetheart again makes her see life in a different way. I enjoyed every step of Libbys journey and Pete is just great. Jenny created a wonderful story, with so much atmosphere and spark. I just fell in love with everything!!! You can all read my review later this month, closer to the pub date for the book May 23rd.

Jenny on Twitter: @jhaleauthor

If You Only Knew – Zanna Mackenzie

The bit on the back:

Is the past about to destroy the future for Faith when she discovers her new boyfriend and her first love are in business together?

Would you have the courage to feel the fear and fall in love anyway...?

Faith owns The Coffee Pot in the outdoor adventure sports mecca of Derbyshire’s Peak District. She hasn’t had a man in her life for a while, as she has been too busy serving cakes to weary rock climbers and mountain bikers to find time for the complications of a relationship with the male of the species.

Then Zane and Matt arrive on the scene as the new owners of the Carrdale Adventure Sports Centre.

Dating Zane, she soon discovers he’s not the Mr Perfect she thought he was; and why is he so reluctant to talk about his past?

As for Matt – well, to Faith he isn’t Matt at all because he was a completely different person when he broke her heart all those years ago.

With her new boyfriend and her first love running Carrdale as business partners – Matt out to cause trouble and Zane keeping secrets – Faith struggles to keep the peace between them whilst trying to figure out how she feels about the two men in her life…

My opinion:

A sweet and adorable love story, combined with a lot of drama. I couldn’t put this book down, such a gripping read about love, trust and letting go of the past. The characters are lovely and bring so much spark into this wonderful story. Zanna found a great way to describe their feelings and the writing is gripping and riveting! Review is to follow this month.

Zanna on Twitter: @ZannaMacKenzie

Closing In – Sue Fortin

The bit on the back:

Helen has had to leave everything she’s ever known behind; her home, her family, even her own name.
Now, returning to the UK as Ellen Newman, she moves to a small coastal village, working as a nanny for Donovan, a criminal psychologist. Attractive, caring and protective, this single father and his sweet daughter are a world away from Ellen’s brutal past. She thinks she’s escaped. She thinks she’s safe.
But Ellen can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong.
Strange incidents begin to plague her new family, and their house of calm is about to become one of suspicion and fear. Who can be trusted? Who is the target? Who is closing in?

My opinion:

 This novel is gripping, vivid, dramatic, emotional, touching, adventorous, brilliant, catchy, adorable and much more, go read it now, it's worth every single page! Watch out for the blog tour of this book later this month.

Sue on Twitter: @suefortin1

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