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The House of Birds and Butterflies - by Cressida McLaughlin

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The blurb: 

Abby Field loves every inch of Meadowsweet Nature Reserve on the idyllic Suffolk coast where she lives and works. Especially Swallowtail House, the rambling but empty country house that seems to look out at her each time she passes it’s shut-up windows.

When a TV wildlife programme choses a rival location for their new series, Meadowsweet is under threat – unless Abby can whip up a plan to keep the visitors flocking. But she finds herself distracted by the arrival of a brooding – and annoyingly handsome new neighbour… bad-boy novelist, Jack Westcoat.

With the pressure on, Abby and her cute rescue huskie, Raffle, must pull something special out of the bag. But with Jack in need of a good friend – and Abby feeling the pull of attraction, she can sense her resolve fluttering away…

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Abby Field works at Meadowsweet Nature Reserve in Suffolk. She is very passion for her work and puts her heart and soul into it. She organisms new events and things for the reserve, but when a handsome stranger turns up in ... cottage, she kind of gets distracted. 

The handsome stranger is novelist Jack Westcoat. At first he just feels disturbed by the people and the animals, but Abby and him have a lot of chemistry from the start. The start exchanging little messages, which are so cute and just say it all. Everything is not that obvious at the beginning, but I was actually just waiting for the two of them to get together. I liked the way their relationship developed, Cressida McLaughlin really captured their connection. 

Jack needed the time away, especially after a little scandal the year before. Only after a while we find out what actually happened. Abby had her dog Raffle, as well as her friends, who all added something special to the story. 

The setting of this book is unique and fabulous. Cressida McLaughlin did a great job describing it and creating a wonderful atmosphere. 
The characters in this book are very authentic and just unforgettable. A lot of twists and turns add some drama to the story and make it exciting. 

A definite must read! Cressida Mclaughlin is such a talented author. 


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