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Absent in the Spring – Carrie Elks

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The blurb: 

Losing control never felt so good . . .
A successful lawyer, and the eldest of four sisters, Lucy Shakespeare is used to being in control of everything and everyone around her, most particularly herself - that is until she meets the gorgeous Lachlan MacLeish. 
Lachlan's hired Lucy because he needs the best. His inheritance, the Lairdship of Glencarraig, is suddenly in doubt, thanks to his devious half-brother. Glencarraig is the only place where his memories of his family are happy ones and there's no way he's going down without a fight. The very last thing he wants is a distraction, but as soon as he sees Lucy, he knows he's in trouble.
Despite their efforts to resist, it isn't long before Lachlan has Lucy longing to break all her careful rules. As they travel from Scotland, to Paris and on to New York, Lucy can't help but wonder: is it sometimes worth risking it all?

My Opinion:

Back with the Shakespeare sisters and I couldn‘t be happier.

This time we follow Lucy, the eldest, who works as a lawyer in Edinburough. She is flown out to Miami to meet a new client and lwt
‘s say the sparks between them fly immediately. Lachlan MacLeish has inherited an estate in Scotland, but his half brother claims it‘s all his, even though it was clearly Lachlan mentioned in the will. Lucy starts working on that and obviously hets to spend timw with Lachlan. Their chemistry is undiniable, so one things leads to another eventually. Lucy wants to stay professionalthough, which doesn‘t make things easier.
Lachlan has never felt like this before, could Lucy actuall be the one?!

Lucy also has her sisters to deal with and her father, who is very confused and doesn
‘t remember evwrything anymore. Lucy knows somwthing about their mother, none of the others know, so there definitely is cause for drama.
Lachlan lives in New York or Miami, Lucy across the pond in Scotland, another thing, which doesn
‘t make things easier. Lucy also has doubts when she hears how he was with other women and he has the tendancy to overreact.

All these factors play into storyline and make it compelling and gripping. I was definitely hooked. Carrie Elks captured their connection beautifully, added some passion and love. Lucy
‘s sisters as well as Lachlan‘s best friends play an important part in the story as well. The characters were very well lined out and I loved how the plot progressed.

I loved catching up with Lucy
‘s sisters and I think Carrie Elks did a fab job with all the different locationsand settings, the way she described them was perfect.

This book has it all: love, passion, drama, friendship, secrets, family insights and much more. A FANTASTIC book!!!!


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