Saturday, 17 February 2018

Two days in Milano

A train ride from my home town (Zug) to Milano takes three hours. So we left Monday morning at 7.30 and arrived in Milano at 10.40 with a bit of a delay. Half an hour later we checked into our hotel, the Carlyle Brera in the Brera quartier. After a short time at the hotel, we started walking to the castello Sforzesco. It's a beautiful castle. It's very big, has several towers, dragon details and much more. In front of it is a beautiful fountain, which makes for great photos. I never expected something like this in Milano, so it was a great surprise. Also the house around the castle were beautiful and built a circle. The sweet leading away from the castle is called Dante and it's the shopping street. So naturally, we went into them, but didn't buy anything. It was soon time for lunch and it's not easy to find good restaurants in this area, because there are a lot of tourist traps. We eventually found a place called "Granaio". I had pasta with salmon and it was really good. After a cappuccino we went into some more stores and then headed towards the duomo. This cathedral is so impressive and very pretty. The pigeons on the piazza though were very annoying and there were so many of them. Then of course we walked through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The first few stores are actually affordable and in Massimo Dutti I bought two things. The rest is just Gucci, Louis Vitton etc. The galleria is very pretty as well and has a lot of details. The department store in Milano is called Rinascente. We spent a lot of time there and I bought two things from Maje, on of my fave brands. They have a lot of designer brands as well, so the prices are very high. In that street there were many more stores, so we also looked at them, ate some "Marroni" and strolled through the streets of Milano. Dinner took us back to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, to a place called Gino's. They were very nice there, greeted us with a prosecco and other treats. Dinner was ok there, but not more unfortunately though. From all the walking (11 km) we were exhausted, so we took a taxi back to the hotel. There we went to bed quickly. 

On the next day we had a slow start, ate breakfast at the hotel, went to a store called L'Erbolario, where they have lots of creams, body lotions and much more. It's fabulous! Then we headed back to the hotel, checked out and off into the city centre. Some more shopping follow. I bought some sporty outfits, but not more. We enjoyed the sunshine, went back to Renascent and had a late lunch at Pulia. Then we walked back towards the Brera area, went into more shops and stopped at California Bakery to enjoy a coffee and a banana chocolate cake. After some more shops, it was time to say goodbye and head to the train station. At the train station I finally found some boots. Italy is great for being shoes for me, so Milano was a little disappointing at first. 

The Carlyle Brera hotel was ok, but not more. For one night it was a good hotel, but it didn't feel like a four star hotel. I wouldn't recommend it. Milano is a pretty city, perfect for two days. I wouldn't stay longer though, we did what we wanted to do and didn't think we missed out on something. Shopping is ok, but also not a highlight. So you could say, I was a little disappointed. 

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