Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Five ways to get out of a reading slump

We all have been through this, even if we are big booklovers. When I started book blogging, I thought it would never happen to me, but it did and it can have several reasons: no time, a lot of stress, the wrong books etc.

There are several ways though to get out of these slumps and to start loving reading again.

1.     My first tip is to get away from books for a while. Go after other hobbies, maybe read other things like blogs, newspapers etc. and go out there. Going out, discovering new things, being outdoors and enjoying the company of people can help you forget and they make you miss reading. That’s when you can go back to it.
2.     Change the genre: Reading the same genre, can get repetitive and trying something new, makes you discover other styles and other authors.
3.     Re-read books you love. It’s familiar and you enjoyed the story before. It makes it easier to get back into reading again.
4.     Try a novella or short story. They are short and still a lot of fun.
5.     Listen to books instead. Listening to audio books still gives you the possibility to „read“ the story. Listening can be really relaxing and calming.

There are obviously more ways for getting out of a reading slump, these five have helped me before though.

What helps you?

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