Saturday, 10 February 2018

Languages I Would Like to Learn

In my last post I talked about using a language while traveling. I speak 4 languages: German, English, French and Italian.

There are some languages out there though, I’d like to learn or at least get to know.

First up is Spanish. I understand quite a lot, but only when the people speak slowly. I can even speak it a little bit. I want to learn it properly though, to actually be able to communicate with the people. There are a lot of Spanish speaking countries out there, so a lot of places to go to.

Then we have Portuguese. At times it’s similar to Italian, but the dialect they have in Portugal is very difficult. It’s much easier to understand the Brazilians. I met a lot oft hem in Vancouver and I understood everything they said. I’d really like to learn more.

The Scandinavian languages really sound funny and interesting. Learning one of them, would be fun. I’d probably pick Swedish, just because I have been in Sweden before.

I can count to ten in Greek and I think it would be an interesting and fascinating language to learn. Probably very difficult though.

In Riga I learned a lot of Latvian words and I just love the sound of them.

Last but not least, an exotic language would be interesting too, but I just can’t pick. We are singing The Lion King at the moment, so Swahili and Zulu are in the lyrics. The words are complicated, but you really get into the lyrics and start having fun.

The Asian languages don’t interest me at all. They are too complicated and also have a weird sound in my opinion. The same goes for Russian, no interest at all from my side.

Foreign languages really interest me, because I like to learn new languages and I like to see similarities and differences between them.

What language would you like to learn?

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