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That Girl - by Kate Kerrigan

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You can escape a place. But you can't escape yourself.
Hanna flees the scene of a terrible crime in her native Sligo. If she can just vanish, re-invent herself under a new name, perhaps the police won't catch up with her. London seems the perfect place to disappear. 
Lara has always loved Matthew and imagined happy married life in Dublin. Then comes the bombshell – Matthew says he wants to join the priesthood. Humiliated and broken-hearted, Lara heads to the most godless place she can find, King's Road, Chelsea. 
Matthew's twin sister, Noreen, could not be more different from her brother. She does love fiance John, but she also craves sex, parties and fun. Swinging London has it all, but without John, Noreen is about to get way out of her depth. 
All three girls find themselves working for Bobby Chevron – one of London's most feared gangland bosses – and it's not long before their new lives start to unravel.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This book follows the life of three different women, all from Ireland, but they meet in London.

Hanna has had a very tragic and sad childhood and is actually lucky to get away. London is a fresh start for her. She becomes friends with both Lara and Noreen and also falls in love. However, her past comes back to haunt her.

Lara has always loved Matthew and wanted a future with him. He leaves her though to become a priest. Both of them end up in London eventually, not knowing about the other one.

Noreen is Matthew’s sister. She loves her fiancĂ© John, but wants more. London is the perfect place for her.

All three women end up with the same boss and live together. Of course they get to know each other and discover each other’s secrets.

I really liked the start of this book, because it took me in immediately. Especially Hanna, I felt for her and wanted her to have a good life. After a while though, there were too many characters involved and the perspectives changed all the time. I was still able to follow the story, but it was a bit too much.

I loved reading about London and I think Kate Kerrigan captured the setting beautifully and very detailed. The story had a lot of gripping moments and it covers a lot of things. It’s about family, love friendship, trust, safety, lies, secrets, courage, strength and much more.

This is definitely a book you shouldn’t judge by its cover. There is so much more behind it.


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