Friday, 21 July 2017

My Life in Movies Tag!

I found this post on lovely Danielles blog, I really enjoyed her post and it looked like a lot of fun, so I thought Id give it a go. Here is here post: Underland to Wonderland - My Life in Movies Tag!

1)    First Steps: The first film you remember seeing as a kid.

Hmmm, thats a very difficult one, i cant say for sure. Among the first ones were for sure: The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Pinocchio, and Pippi Longstocking movies.

2)    Teenage crush: Which actor/actress did you have a crush on?

Thats easy, I fell in love with Daniel Radcliffe in the first Harry Potter movie and also really adored him in the second one. Then I switched to Tom Felton ;) Dont ask me why though.

3)    Bad Choices, Good Outcome: A movie you watched and ended up enjoying, even though you wanted to hate it.

The Lord of the Rings. I was never really interested in the series, it didnt sound like my cup of tea, but I loved these movies, still do.

4)    First Date: When you went on a first date what movie did you see?

First Dates and movies dont really match for me, never did it.

5)    Home Comforts: What movie reminds you of time with your family?

I remember watching The Parent Trap together as a family, that was a lot of fun and I still think of from time to time. Also: Mrs Doubtfire, we watched that one together as well, several times.

6)    First Heartbreak: What movie really upset you or hit you more than you thought?

Hmmm, thats another toughie. I pretty sure I cried through A Walk to Remember, such an emotional movie, I loved it, but its really sad.

7)    Leaving home: What movie was the first you watched without your family?

Hmmm, I think probably Pirates oft he Caribbean, Im not sure though.

8)    Good Times: What movie do you watch most and why?

Easy, the Harry Potter series!

9)    Learn a new language: What is your favourite non-English language movie?

German is my mother tongue, so I watch a lot of German movies. I have also watched some French ones and some Italian ones. My favourite is Les Choristes, I adore that one.

10) Can't leave the sofa: What series on TV got you hooked?

I think you goes will be hear for a while, Im addicted to TV series. My absolute fave is One Tree Hill! Others include: Charmed, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Glee, Smash, Gossip Girl, Suits, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Full(er) House etc.

11) Sick day: What movie do you watch if you don't feel well to cheer you up?

Here I go with rom-coms all the way. Raise Your Voice for example, a Hallmark movie, Love Actually or a Bridget Jones movie.

12) Looking to the future: What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

The next ones oft he Fantastic Beasts series, finally watching Beauty and the Beast and Pitch Perfect 3.

13) If only: What old movie do you want to see re-made?

Some of the Disney movies would be fab. The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain or some other musical movies.

14) End of the road: What 3 films do you think you think will always enjoy watching?

Only three?! Thats going to be hard.
1 Les Mis
2 the Harry Potter movies
3 10 Things I Hate About You

That was harder than I thought ;). 
Im tagging:

-       Maryline
-       Jenny

And everyone else, who wants to do it. Have fun! :)

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