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Chasing the Sun – by Katy Colins

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The blurb:

Georgia Green is on the conveyor belt to happiness. 
Live-in boyfriend, perfect career and great friends, it seems like Georgia is only a Tiffany box away from her happily ever after. But when she arrives in Australia for her best friend’s wedding and is faced with the bridezilla from hell, she starts to realise that she might not want the cookie-cutter ending she thought.
What was meant to be a trip full of sunny days at the beach and wedding planning over cocktails, has turned into another problem for her to fix – just like the ones she’d left behind. With hardly any time for her boyfriend, let alone herself, it feels like there is just too much to juggle. It might be time for Georgia to step off the conveyor belt to find the balance in life and see if she really can have it all…

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

We are back with Georgia, yay!!! I have been waiting to catch up with Georgia and Ben, so when I started this book I was really excited.

This time we follow Georgia to Australia, where her best friend is getting married. We first get to read about their hen party road trip, which is full of fun and adventures. Visiting Australia through Georgia’s eyes is fascinating, entertaining and very interesting. Georgia and weddings doesn’t really fit, but she wants to be there for her best friend. Shelley is a real bridezilla though and the other bridesmaid Cara adds a lot of drama as well. I really enjoyed following these three women though.

Another little (or big thing) is added to the story and it questions everything Georgia wants: job, love, family, friendship etc. I really loved this fact and also the whole outcome of it. Ben and Georgia are a fab couple and I loved their scenes so much.

Katy Colins created a real gem of a book here, it’s the perfect summer read, it’s full of sunshine, passion, love and very special moments. I really want to visit Australia now!


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