Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fashion Corner - And the Oscar goes to...

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I have to say that tis year, I had difficulties picking out my faves! There is not one look that really stunned me, but plenty of NO-GOES. Here are my fave looks first: 

Alicia Vikander: Pretty!


Chrissy Teigen: I like ;)

Matt Damon and his wife: Perfect!

Chris Evans: LOVE!

Taraji P. Henson: Classical and pretty.

Hailee Steinfield: Gorgeous!

Viola Davis: STUNNING, lady in red!!!

Michael Fassbender: Classical!

A lot of looks have something great, but there is something else I don't like, or the styling is terrible: 

Brie Larson: Her hair looks like she's just come out the shower. 

Halle Berry: Her hair is terrible. I really like the upper part of the dress, not sure about the bottom part. 

Emma Stone: Almost perfect! I just don't like the lower part of the dress. 

Sophia Boutera: Don't like the bottom part at all and another styling and jewelry would have been great with this dress.

This looks are good, but nothing more: 

Kirsten Dunst

Emma Stone

Michelle Williams

Felicity Jones

Charlize Theron

And now let's move on the the WORST looks of the evening: 

Jennifer Goodwin: Horrible!



Pharrell Williams: Sorry, no and look at her!

Leslie Mann: Terrible color and too many weird layers. 

Dakota Johnson: OMG, what is this?!

Jessica Biel: Great color and look, but no for the sleeves and the top part. 

Scarlett Johannson: Nope!

Jamie Dornan: No, why these different whites?! And her dress is not pretty at all. 

Ryan Gosling: I'm sorry Ryan, you look handsome, but the outfit...

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