Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Where the inspiration and ideas for my blog posts come from

In my opinion inspiration, ideas and creativity are a big part of blogging. They are also connected and the inspiration for posts comes from everywhere.

My posts “Driving and my confidence” actually started with a little accident I had. Nothing bad happened, but I had a shock and I just felt like writing about my experiences with driving.
When I got my new glasses, I was wearing them constantly. They made me feel confident, so I decided to write about my story with glasses and contacts. And now actually, remembering this I just had another idea connected to my glasses.

I write different kind of posts. For my book reviews the inspiration obviously comes from reading, talking to authors and also being a beta reader and friends with lots of authors and book bloggers. My travel posts are connected to my travels and all the experiences I make while I discover the world. My lifestyle posts have different sources of inspiration, so here they are.

Daily life: When I talk about daily life, I mean my daily routine, my day at work and things I pursue in the evening. So included here are breakfast, teaching, coffee breaks, weather, the way to work and back, food, drinks, the people I meet, rehearsals etc.

Hobbies: My hobbies are a big part of my blog. I talk about reading all the time, I talk about singing, traveling, colouring, shopping, meeting up with friends etc.

People: Talking to other people is always very interesting. Things they mention could lead to an idea. I see that a lot with the children at school. Sometimes they are really excited about something and want to tell you about it. Sometimes it’s things they mention during the lessons. Generally, it’s also just seeing them happy. This is the same with friends, family and other adults. You start thinking about things that are actually not your thing and get introduced to new things.

Little incidents: With these I mean being a car, having an accident, buying glasses, moving out, buying a house, being pregnant, getting married etc. Obviously some of these things have not happened to me (yet), but I’m sure I’ll be inspired.

Traveling: Experiences during flying, driving, a train ride etc. The experiences with the people, the language, the traditions. Then of course it’s the places you see, what you actually do, how you feel during the travels, the preparation for it, how you feel when you get home etc.

Working in a committee/team: Last year I have joined the committee of my choir and I’m gaining a lot of experience through this, I’m learning new things and all these things give me ideas. The same goes for my colleagues at work. We are a team and working together is interesting, but not always easy.

Other bloggers: This can be their blog, their Instagram or their YouTube channel.

Home: Get outside and explore the landscape and cities close to you. Sometimes the pretty places are not far away.

Fashion: Fashion is funny, diverse, colourful, stylish and much more. When I go shopping or buy new things I have new ideas and I get creative with them.

Music: Lyrics, songs, musicals, singing and more. There is something behind every word, melody, move etc.

Try new things!: This is pretty self explanatory I think.

Take time for yourself: Me-time is important and it gives you the possibility to do something nice for yourself and get inspired by it.

Take pictures: Explore nature and your surroundings and take pictures of the things you see. There are so many things hidden in photos, explore them.

Browse the net: Pinterest, quotes, news, stars. These things all give me ideas and inspiration.

I could list many more things here, but I think you can all see where I’m going with this. Inspiration can come from small things. I usually have great ideas when I’m trying to fall a sleep, in the middle of the night or when I’m in the bath. Too bad I can’t write them down immediately. Usually when I forget them, they come back to me, which is good :)

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