Saturday, 4 February 2017

Things I don’t Understand I: People (Not) Coming to Our Concerts/Performances

Welcome to a new little series on Simona’s Corner of Dreams, there are several things I just don’t understand when it comes to life and people, so let’s talk about them. First up are a few things that are connected to the concerts I sing.

Being part of a choir and a theatre group makes it a given thing that I’m on stage performing or singing quite a lot. The thing that follows after that are friends and family coming to these concerts/performances.

In the theatre group we do musicals and I only do them myself when I like the show and the music. In the choir we mostly do classical thing, mixed with accapella, contemporary or projects like Cinema/Rock & Pop Classics. The classics masses or requiems are not everyone’s taste and I totally understand that. The best example is probably my brother. He only comes tot he concerts when he likes the music. That’s important to him, even though he knows my mum and me and we are both on stage.

I always tell all my friends about the concerts, I usually send them the flyer or give it to them personally. With Chess last year I did a bit more, because the music is just fab (hello the ABBA men wrote it!) and it was huge with projections and more. Of course mum and I did the same with family. Anyway, most people sounded interested and booked immediately. Then there are the others who always tell you that it sounds interesting and that they will book soon. The next time you ask them, they still haven’t booked. Then you tell them that the good seats are gone and they have to hurry up, they don’t though. In the end they don’t show up at all, ask you how it went and said that they just had too much going on. In most cases that’s just not true though. It’s always funny when somebody else comes up and says how great it was, then the ones who didn’t come, come up with excuses.

Then there are the ones who come and afterwards all they can say that it was good. No details, no big words, just “it was good” or “I liked it”. After these comments it’s always great to hear people you barely know say something positive. Sometimes they can’t stop anymore.

I love performing or singing on stage, I love making people happy with it and petting a smile on their faces.

I don’t expect my family and friends to come to every single show or concert, but at least by honest about why you can’t come or about how you liked it. 

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