Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Art on Ice 2017 - Review

Art on Ice is a yearly show put on in three cities in Switzerland. It obviously contains a lot of figure skating, but there are also acrobats, dancers and even a clown kind kf person. Every year to big cats from the showbiz are invited to sing their songs and add some music bits. This year there were James Morrison and Chaka Khan.

When one of my colleagues ask, if we would join her, I was sold at James Morrison, I just love him as a singer/songwriter and his songs are just amazing. I am not big on figure skating, but I thought I'd give it a go.

What I loved most about this show, next to James Morrison, was the mixture of elements. The theme of the show was New York, so the light and picture projections were were based around the sights of the Big Apple. Having been there recently made it very special for me. We had screens to watch the show, the actual stage and the ice, sometimes it was hard to figure out, where the people actually stood and who it was. It was clever though, because the transitions between acts was always very smoth and all the different elements together were very fascinating.

There was a story behind ut all and everyone was in included in it, the dancers, the skaters etc. The figur skaters were great, they always get the best of the world and it looks so easy when they are on the ice. Some even combined it with acrobatic elements and some were also hanging jn the air from time to time.

My oersonal highlight was James Morrison obviously. He sang my favourite songs, all of them life of course. He put a lot of feelings in the songs and he was grat interacting with the audience. Chaka Khan on theother hand didn't impress me too much. She sounded a bit off in the first songand in the others she just stood there and sang. No emotions, no interaction and on top of that: Her outfits were terrible!

So all in all, I really enjoyed the show and I'm glad I went. I will never become a big figure skating fan, but they really know hiw to put in a show and the mixture of elements was fabulous!

More info about the show: http://www.artonice.com/en/

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