Saturday, 7 October 2017

Time management during a stressful period


Who doesn’t know this feeling?! I guess it’s normal, especially, if you have a full time job, some important hobbies and your own blog.

Form e the stressful time is usually around September/October. The school year starts again, choir starts again, I might be involved in a show on stage etc. Since I started working in the committee of my choir, I always have work to do fort hem. It’s totally fine, because I really enjoy it. A choir rehearsal also takes up an evening and if there is a show too, it’s more rehearsals of curse. This year I’m only helping at the bar, but of course I volunteered to help out in another choir again ;). That’s typical me, but I had to say yes, because I have always wanted to sing this mass (Latin Jazz Mass by Martin Völlinger). Besides teaching and preparing, I also have a new students coming for university, so I get to be a coach again. And, I have agreed to write a teaching plan for a children’s book. I still want to read and blog at the same time, so the hours of the day are just not enough sometimes. I know, all my decisions and I could have said yes, but actually, it’s not too much for me at all, it’s all thanks to time management.

Time management is vital when it comes to organizing different parts of your life. I have prepared a lot for the school year in the summer holidays. I try to do most of my work at school, so when I get home I can relax and focus on other things. This is very important. At home and on the weekends I set myself time frames for the things I want to do. I always try not to spend too much time working on or doing one thing, short periods of time help to keep the focus. Breaks in between are equally as important. Whether it’s some water, a bit of food or just relaxing, but it makes you stay awake and keep up the motivation.

Planning and organizing are part of my life. I am a big planner and I need this. So I have a lot of to-do lists, files and a set place for my things. It makes scheduling and time management a lot simpler, you can access things easily and you save time.

Sometimes you need a big break, so holidays are definite must. You can refuel and fill up your energy and motivation. Find some time for your hobbies as well. For me this is reading and music. They make me forget everything around me.

Spending time with your family and friends is also very important. You can be yourself and forget about everything else for a while. If something bothers you, you can talk to them.

SLEEP!!! Your energy needs to come from somewhere right?! This is also connected to living healthy. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and maybe some sports from time to time (this is the point, I really have to work on myself).

Having your goals set and always in mind is a key “ingredient”. It keeps you focus and you should always know what you want. Always know what is important to you! Prioritize! What needs to be done NOW, what can you do later?!

If you have deadlines, don’t leave the task until the end, always give yourself enough time. You never know what happens, you might need more time, so always be on the safe side.

I hope some of my tips are helpful for you. Let me know about your little time management tricks. 

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