Saturday, 14 October 2017

Public vs Private Profile

A few weeks ago there were several articles about a Swiss teacher posing in a bikini on her Instagram. I even think that some other countries talked about her as well.

That’s how I discovered Morena. She is a teacher in Switzerland, but also blogs about body, health and confidence. On her instagram she has a lot of pictures of herself in a bikini or showing her body. Lots of comments then said that a teacher shouldn’t do that and she even got criticised by educational ... in Switzerland. It’s like not showing yourself drunk on Facebook, not that your boss sees it. And yes, for my taste there are a bit too many pictures of her in a bikini, but on the other hand it’s part of her and her blog. She is still a great teacher and that’s the main thing. The parents seem fine with it and her school too, so all is well.

That brings me to the actual topic. Most of my teacher friend and friends from uni have a private Instagram account, because of the reasons I mentioned above. Parents, pupils and maybe the boss shouldn’t see their posts. Mine is not private; everyone can see my pictures from the start. I had it on private for a short time, but with my blog it makes more sense to have it public.

Last year, when I started my YouTube account, I had a parent commenting weird stuff under my videos and some students found my videos as well. I changed them to private and some public again. I just didn’t know what to do. Now I only post my travel videos on there and nothing else. That’s totally ok, because I don’t have time to make videos.

My focus is more on Instagram and to get the engagement I need my profile to be public. I also want people to see my pictures, so it totally makes sense.

I understand why teachers and people with other jobs, keep their profiles private, but it’s not my way. Everyone can see my pictures and what I post is part of my life. I have a big mixture of posts, from books, over landscape, traveling and a picture of me from time to time. I would never post too many photos in a bikini or of me wearing shorts etc., but one once in a while is totally ok.

Some people also have two accounts, that is a solution of course, but that would be too much work for me.

How do you handle this situation? Let me know in the comments. 

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