Saturday, 28 October 2017

Empty words and promises

We all now this feeling: People telling you something, but their actions are the complete opposite. It can be at work, with friends etc.

These empty promises and words are really annoying and shouldn’t be part of a friendship.

I recently had a moment, where I was really looking forward to seeing a friend again after so many years. We met years ago in Vancouver and chat regularly. It was like: „I’m coming to Switzerland, where should I stay?...“ Did this friend show up? NO!

It’s disappointing, but it happens so much, especially with smaller things. People want to buy time or are scared and then they just say something to make the other person happy. Actually doing it, is something totally different.

Seeing the action, that’s the special thing in a friendship or in a family.

We all deserve more than empty words and promises.

Saying the words is easy, but actually staying true to them?! It shouldn’t be that hard right, or at least have a good reason to break them. How about an apology?! We are all only human after all, we can’t be perfect, but at least be honest about your mistake.

When it happens over and over again though, it gets really annoying. Surround yourself by people who stay true to their words and to people who are there for you. Everything else is a waste of time! 

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