Monday, 9 October 2017

Shopping and I

I love shopping and fashion! I’m not like all these fashion bloggers out there, going to Primark, River Island etc. and buy dupes after dupes. I look at trends, but I don’t follow them all.

When I go shopping I look at quality and I’m happy to spend some more money, because I know they clothes will last longer. Primark, H&M and Co. Are not really my style. They only one of these stores I got to regularly is Zara. I buy quiet a lot in Zara, especially basic stuff.

In my home town I don’t go shopping that often, because we don’t really have the stores. I go to Zara, Hallhuber, Tom Tailor and shoe stores, that’s it. We have the little department stores, but they only have a small selection of brands. When I really want to go shopping in Switzerland I go to Zurich. They have Massimo Dutti (my absolute fave), sandro, Maje  and two big department stores (Jelmoli and Globus). These two stores have great brands and they are fabulous for shopping. In Zurich there are lots more stores, I love: SuperDry, Phase Eight, PepeJeans, Mango and many more.
Lucerne is not bad for shopping either.

The problem in Switzerland… the prizes!
Everything is really expensive here, the clothes as well. So whenever I’m in Germany I buy the stuff there and of course also in other countries.

Italy is great for shopping, because they have tiny shoes, which is fabulous. My fave places for shopping: London and the States.

London is maybe not cheaper, but they have lots of brands we don’t have here: Reiss, Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Cadenzza. I also love these little boutique shops they have.

Last but not least, my beloved America. Outlet shopping or just a regular store, I usually go crazy in the States. Especially in Coach, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie and Fitch. There are lots more as well though, like Steve Madden, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and many more. Even with taxes, the things are much cheaper. In the outlets you can get some great deals!!!

Where do you go shopping?! 

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