Friday, 5 May 2017

Must See in Tenerife

Going to Tenerife also meant going to Spain fort he first time for me. Tenerife is part oft he canary islands in the Atlantic ocean. Temperatures usually dont go over 25°C, because of the winds. We ere lucky and he 32°C at times, because of a warm wind coming from Africa. Anyway, here are some oft he must see places on the island.

Costa Adeje: Our hotel, the Riu Palace, is situated there and so are many other hotels. It was never too crowed though. Going to the beach from the hotel, lead us straight to a boardwalk. The boardwalk is full of cute cafés and shops and of course has a great view. There are also some great shopping centres close by, which is always handy. On the gold course you can get another fab view of the sea. So its just a lovely area.

Candelaria: Candelaria is a cute little village right by the sea. The beach has black sand. There is a big piazza right in front of the beautiful church, some great statues along the beach side, very pretty. There is not much else there, but its still worth it. The view down to the village is also brilliant.

La Laguna: Its actually called San Cristóbal de La Laguna and it used to be the capital of the island, its not anymore though. The city has very beautiful houses in different clours, a great old town with shops and a lot of churches.

El Teide: El Teide is actually Spains highest mountain, its a volcano mountain. There is a national park around it and seeing the mountain from the plane and then also from up close is definitely breath-taking.

Buenovista (golf course): This is a village in the north west of the island, but what really is pretty about it, is the golf course by the sea. Stunning views and nature around it. The restaurant is fab as well, where you can just enjoy a nice drink, if you dont golf, like me.

Garachico: Another cute village, with a black beach full of black stones and a little island in front, there are even some natural swimming pools there.

Los Gigantes: Cliffs and the sea, what do you want more?!

Beach Las Americas (only for a visit): Im saying only for a visit, because its a very touristy area and the hotels didnt make a great impression. The beach is very pretty though, with a great bar, some sculptures, surfers and more. There also is a shopping centre close by, which is always handy.

So there you go, let me know, if you ever go to Tenerife. 

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