Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hockey Fun in Dallas

So, obviously I went to Dallas to see my second momma Wendy again and spend some quality time with her. Then there is always the great shopping in the States. Last but not least, let’s talk some hockey. If you want to read about the rest, you can read THIS post.

Dallas means the DALLAS STARS, my fave NHL team!!! I got to see them last year, but Tyler Seguin wasn’t there, that’s why this time I was really excited. Like last year, we went to a practice and the last game of the season.

Friday, April 7: We left and got some Starbucks and then headed to the Dr Pepper’s Arena. Some players were already on the ice when we arrived. More and more joined after a while. I was of course eager to finally see Tyler Seguin on the ice. I saw him play during lock outs in Switzerland in 2012 and have been a fan ever since. He is a great player, shows some awesome skills, has passion and also a great personality. Tyler was really playful and happy during this practice, it was so much fun to watch him, never seen him play up close. Stephen Johns is another one of these players, he was new to the team when I was there last year and he became one of my faves. Tyler Seguin and Stephen Johns were so funny, they played a little game together, which was just fab. Of course I aso got to see Radek Faksa, Jamie Benn, Adam Cracknell, John Klingberg (his brother Carl plays for my team in Switzerland), Jason Spezza and many more. Some players left the ice pretty fast, but it was great to see Seguin and Johns stay with some others. They had some fun and really enjoyed themselves. Tyler even interacted with the audience, tried some things on the ice and got really passionate. I loved seeing him like that. After practice we went to stand in line to see some of the players. Nine of them came out, including Stephen Johns!! He was really nice, I even told him that I came all the way from Switzerland ;). He is not really communicative though, when he answered it was all in a monotone line. We (Wendy and some of her readers) got a picture with him and I also got one just me and him. The other players, who came out were: Jamie Oleksiak, Radek Faksa, Esa Lindell, Devin Shore, Adam Cracknell, Julius Honka, Jason Dickinson and Gemel Smith. Usually it’s like one or two players to come out, so I definitely hit the jackpot. Tyler didn’t come unfortunately, but that’s fine, one day ;). I truly had the best time at this practice, seeing hockey action up close and getting to see all their skills in person is just awesome.

Stephen Johns

Stephen Johns
The ladies!
Tyler Seguin
Saturday, April 8: It’s game day!!! It’s the last game of the season, which means Fan Appreciation Night. They are playing Colorado Avalanche. I actually saw them 7 years ago playing the Canucks when I was in Vancouver, that was also my first NHL game. We headed to the AAC at around 4.30 to have dinner at Pira. The great thing about this restaurant: As soon as you get in, your tickets are scanned, you get a program and you are already in the stadium. After dinner we went to find our seats, got a beer and enjoyed warm ups. We were on the wrong side to see the Stars, but that’s fine, Avalanche have some great players too. We were actually sitting right behind the goal, fab seats. Of course I took plenty of pictures and little movies (see the vlog) and just enjoyed the game. Before the game there is always a big show, the anthem and then finally it started. The Stars started playing to our side, which was great of course. The game started well Devin Shore scored the only goal in the first period and then Jamie Benn increased to 2:0, John Klingberg and Tyler Seguin both had an assist to that one. Then the game dragged a little bit and Avalanche started scoring, one in the second period and two in the third. The game definitely got exciting after that again. With seven minutes to go Tyler Seguin scored the 3:3, what a goal!!! He had several chances before, he definitely showed his skills. This makes me really happy. I wanted to see him play and I did! Tyler Seguin is a fabulous hockey player, fun to watch and he shows so much passion. He also seems to have a lot of humour and you can really see that. Esa Lindell (one of my new faves) and John Klingberg had an assist on that one. All this meant over time, which I was totally fine with. That’s also where it got very intense. In over time it’s only three against three, which makes the game fast and exciting. It went from one side to the other, so great to watch. Seguin, Klingberg and … were on the ice, had several chances and then Klingberg scored!!!! I got it all on camera, but then the referees started discussing and it was called off, because of offside. Most of the Avalanche players already left the ice and had to come back. Most players were just laughing. So over time continued and made space for the shoot out! Tyler Seguin scored the only goal, an awesome one by the way, and we won!!!! I’m so glad they did. They basically had nothing to lose, because they didn’t make it to the playoffs. I’m actually sad the season is over now, I will miss following the Stars around. After the game Tyler Seguin received the Mike Modano Trophy for scoring the most points this season (72 points, 26 goals and 46 assists). This was very special. Then Jamie Benn had a little speech thanking the fans and then the players took their jerseys off and handed out some shirts. The highlight: Tyler taking his off not far from us ;). We finished off the hockey fun with shopping at the Hangar, I got two shirts, a jumper, a puck and a car magnet. It was all like 30% or 40%, which concluded in a great prize for me.

American Airlines Center

Sadly, they didn’t make the playoffs this year as I already said. I’ll have to wait until October for the fun to start again, I wish Dallas would be closer.

This time’s hockey experience was very special and unique for me. Yes, last year was great, I went to a practice and we had seats against the Preds by the glass, but it wasn’t the same, Tyler didn’t play. My dream came true finally seeing him live in action, he definitely is an awesome player on and off the ice. This time I also got to meet so many players after practice, which is just amazing. During practice I could have sworn that Tyler looked directly at me a few times ;). I even had a dream of getting a selfie with him the night after the game. I hope I will get to meet him once in my life. Thank you Wendy, the Dallas Stars and all the players for this amazing experience, I hope I will be back!

Esa Lindell
Stephen Johns
Esa Lindell
Gemel Smith
Radek Faksa 
Jason Dickinson
Adam Cracknell
Jamie Oleksiak
Julius Honka

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