Saturday, 11 March 2017

When I liked partying and clubbing (or not)

I was never the big party girl. In my teenage years people started going out every night on a weekend. I was never really interested in these parties. I enjoyed going tot he movies, chilling by the lake or just spending time with my friends at home.

Then after high school I went to Canada and there I went out a lot and I really enjoyed it. After that I went to clubs and stayed out late every weekend with my best friend, we had a lot of fun. The thing I enjoyed most though was the dancing, because I just love dancing. I never really had hangovers, except for that one time and that’s also kind of when I stop going to parties like that. That one time it was a friend’s 18th birthday and we started before going out, had cake and the rest is kind of a blur. One friend said I threw up, the others never confirmed, I was really tired and yeah I definitely didn’t have the best night, that was really weird.

As I grew older I started appreciating quality time with my friends. That means going out for drinks and still being able to talk, a nice bar would do it. Or a comfy night in with your bestie is just great to catch up. Some people didn’t understand that, but I’m actually glad now, because I prefer having a few close friends to having a lot of them, but some don’t even know you.

When I switch part of my studies at uni I got really close to another girl and she really became a close friend. >It started with just spending time together, to going through the same changes and just having so much fun together. We started going out a lot, but it was always a combination of bar/club and lots of talking. So I guess I had another phase, where I enjoyed going out a lot, but that was because I was with the right people and knew my limits. That summer (2012) I went to Montpellier for six weeks and as there I went out almost every day. I don’t know, but on both language stays I really enjoyed that.

Returning to Switzerland meant getting back to occasional nights out, but they got less and less over the years. Nowadays it’s not really my thing. With some of my close friends I enjoy going to the pub, having a drink and just catching up, with other I enjoy nights in with movies, sushi making or planning trips/holidays. I’m not interested in going to clubs and spending the whole night out. I like spending a Friday or Saturday night at home with a book, Netflix, some snacks and a beer. Sometimes it is with friends, sometimes with family or even by myself. It’s definitely some quality me time to relax and forget about daily life. It’s my way to … down. You should see me on a Friday, always tired and not really capable of doing much. I went out for a mystery dinner one Friday after a week of work and I almost fell asleep and just couldn’t focus anymore. Yes, so I guess I’m a granny from time to time.

One thing I have always really enjoyed and still love doing are karaoke nights, they are just so much fun.

It’s not only about partying all the time though. These times of the week mean something else to me now, except for spending quality time with friends: Enjoying a hobby, enjoying some culture or taking care of myself. What I mean with this are rehearsals, going to the movies, performing, a concert or musical, shopping etc. These things are more important to me than partying and clubbing and yes I know that might not be typical for my age, but I don’t care.

Any other grannies out there?!

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