Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Always These Excuses

We hear excuses every single day, whether they are small or big, but there is always something weird behind them.

Most excuses I hear are from the kids at school, but mostly it’s their parents. „I have a headache” actually means “I don’t want to” or “I’m not in the mood”. Usually excuses are most common when it comes to bad grades or behaviour. I have had tests back full of comments and weird reasons for not participating in the lessons. I mean yes blackouts can happen, but do the parents want me to give the child another chance?! Things are unreadable, well something might be cut or it’s too dark, but looking at the board, where everything is explained is not an option, right!

I could list so many things here, but that would bore you and take too long. These kind of excuses happen in our everyday life as well, some people use them all the time, it’s their way to explain something that went wrong. However, isn’t it normal that mistakes happen and that we can’t be perfect?! So how about admitting your mistakes and being honest?! This is what will lead you somewhere in life.

In the end, when something happened, you can’t change it anymore and in most cases different reasons in an explanation don’t help. You need to perform and show results, if you can't (yet), don't be afraid to admit it! They only way to progress and move on is learning from mistakes, being honest, working hard and fighting for what you want. You take responsibility in your life and excuses just don't allow you to go the straight way. Yes, sometimes in life you might have to take a detours, but there is no need for excuses. 

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