Saturday, 25 March 2017

Things I’m not good at, but would love to do

Everyone has their hobbies and their talents. We are good at certain things and the other things are not really our thing. I think everyone has a little list of things they would love to be good at, but can’t do.

Here is my list:

Yes, I play the piano, but I always have to sit down and practice. I would love to just be able to play anything, to play a song, I have not practiced before and a song, I have never seen the sheet music to. Our choir conductor can just play anything we practice, that’s so great. I would love to conduct a little choir one day, but that means a lot of work on the piano.

Drawing/painting is the second thing. I teach art, but just sitting down drawing something, is different. I needs real talent and it would be fab to have. Creating landscape pictures, patters etc. in a detailed and symmetric way, that would be great.

I would love to be braver when it comes to men. Talking to them after a while is fine, it’s the beginning, the first conversation and the flirting.

Standing up for myself. I am confident, but sometimes in certain situations I get too emotional and don’t stand in for my opinion, I want to be stronger in situations like that.

Driving at night, in the rain, on snow or with fog. It always freaks me out a little, definitely a point, where I need more experience and confidence.

Sports in general. I was good in dancing and gymnastics at school and that’s it. In most other things I really sucked, a bit more talent in certain areas, would definitely be great.

How about you? Are there certain things you are bad at and you would like to change it?!

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