Saturday, 12 November 2016

Harry Potter vs Charmed Magic

Big Harry Potter Fan: check
Big Charmed Fan: check

What do both oft hem have in common?! MAGIC! Yes I know it’s a different kind of magic and the world have more contrasts than similarities. Here they are.

So the first difference that comes to mind is that all the wizards in Harry Potter use wands. There are no wands in Charmed. The witches or demons have active powers like telekinesis, freezing or orbing (withelighters mostly). Phoebe has the power of premonitions, I guess that’s a similarity between the two worlds, but Phoebe has to touch things, in Harry Potter they use tea leaves, crystal balls or other things.

The evil in the Charmed world are warlocks, demons or the Triade. In Harry Potter it’s Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

There is a school of magic in Charmed, but it’s nothing like Hogwarts.

They brew potions in Charmed, mostly to help their spells vanquishing demons. In Harry Potter as we all know potions is a subject and when you drink them, something happens.

In Charmed they write their own spells, these spells are very powerful, they rime and are quote long, in comparison with the Harry Potter ones. In Harry Potter they are like one or two words and you usually need a wand.

Quidditch is a big sport in flying brooms in Harry Potter. Some witches in Charmed have the power to fly or should I rather say levitation.

The Charmed ones have to book of shadows with spells, in Harry Potter they are not collected in one book, they students learn them in different subjects at school.

Empathy allows witches in Charmed feel what others feel. I guess something similar in the Harry Potter world would be occlumency.

In Charmed you have all kinds of creatures: Fairys, trolls, banshees, grimlocks, warlocks, vampires, cupids, leprechauns or goblins. That’s also the case in Harry Potter, there are giants, trolls, dementors or werewolves.

The witches in Charmed have whitelighters to protect them. That’s something that doesn’t really exists in Harry Potter, expect for the protection with certain objects. Whitelighters have the powers to heal, in Harry Potter we have the tear of a phoenix.

Speaking of objects, both in Charmed and Harry Potter there are magical objects.

There are ghosts in both worlds, but in Charmed they are mostly only seen as soon as a person dies or when they need help from their grandmother. In Harry Potter certain people become ghosts and are part of the story, but that doesn’t happen with everyone who dies.

Another thing that comes to mind is the magical community in Harry Potter, there are even these only magical places like Hogsmead or Diagon Alley. In Charmed there is not really something like that. the magical community exists in Charmed, but it's more hidden. They live as normal people or in the underworld. And some are there, but can't be seen, like fairies.

In Harry Potter there is a ministry of magic and there are a ton of magical jobs. Phoebe, Piper and Paige all have normal jobs.

Let’s talk time traveling, it’s happened several times in Charmed, to the past or the future, my fave example is Chris Halliwell J. In Harry Potter we have the time turner, which brings you back several hours, but you’re not allowed to be seen. If you have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you might know another way as well.

There are so many things, I’m sure I haven’t mentioned them all, but I’m stopping here. It’s safe to say that I like both kinds of magic. 

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