Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Authors I Have Met in Person

I’ve been a book blogger for three years and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my fave authors in person.

It all started New Year’s Eve 2014. I spent a few days in Christmassy London and I got to meet the lovely Pat Elliott. She lives in Scotland now, which is a pity, bit I’m very grateful I got to meet this wonderful woman. She has become a lovely friend and I can talk to her about anything. We spent a great day in London, going to Somerset House, walking around and drinking coffee. She’s not only an author, but also does reflexology and draws wonderful pictures. Read the post about this trip HERE.

with Pat Elliott in London
In March 2015 I went to my first author event. Rebecca Raisin came all the way from Australia and hosted an Afternoon Tea at 5th view (Waterstones Piccadilly). There I also got to meet Karen Aldous, another author from Carina UK. These women are both really lovely and it was fab meeting them in person and getting to know them. HERE is the post about this event. 

with Rebecca Raisin at 5th View
with Karen Aldous at 5th View
The next event that took me to London was in October 2015 for Holly Martin’s book launch. Holly Martin is one of my favourite authors and has become a great friend, of course I jumped at the chance to meet her. The event was fabulous and it was so awesome to meet Holly in person and hug her. She is a wonderful person and I’m really lucky to call her my friend. At this event there were lots of other authors as well. I got to see and chat to Karen Aldous again. Then there were Cesca Major, Kat Black, Katy Colins, Tilly Tennant/Sharon Sant, Annie Lyons and Ann Troup. This was absolutely amazing! It was so much fun talking to them and getting to know them properly. Read about the launch HERE

with Holly Martin at her book launch
with Cesca Major at Holly Martin's book launch
with Katy Colins at Holly Martin's book launch
with Tilly Tennant at Holly Martin's book launch
with Karen Aldous at Holly Martin's book launch
with Kat Black
In April 2016 I went to the States and in New York I met up with two authors: Hilary Grossman and Meredith Schorr. We went for a yummy lunch and talked books. Read about my New York City adventure HERE
That trip took me to Dallas afterwards, where I finally got to meet my second momma Wendy aka Aven Ellis. She is one of my fave authors and we are really close friends. It was amazing meeting her in person, she is wonderful and we had an awesome few days together!!! Thanks faux momma, I miss you! HERE is more about my Dallas adventure. 

with Meredith Schorr and Hilary Grossman in New York
with Aven Ellis at a Dallas Stars game
Last but not least, I went to London in October 2016 to a event hosted my Fabulous Mag including three authors: Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher and Mhairi McFarlane. As soon as I saw that Lindsey is coming to the UK, I was prepared to book my flight, I just had to wait for the event. When it got announced, I got even more excited!!! Three authors, one of them being one of my faves, then Mrs Gi Fletcher (I adore her books) and Mhairi McFarlene (I own three of her books, haven’t read them though). Well, I booked immediately. The event was absolutely fabulous. Read about it HERE. It started with a panel, where the three authors just answered some questions. Then we were able to meet the authors and get our books signed. all three of them were so lovely and it was so great to finally meet them. 

with Lindsey Kelk
with Giovanna Fletcher

with Mhairi McFarlane
This is my list. One of my big dreams is to meet Paige Toon. And then there are also some others I’d like to meet, hopefully in the following years. I’m very grateful for each and every one of the ones I have met, it’s the best thing for a book blogger. 

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